Facebook Pixel dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Best of 2022

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Best of 2022

Our last photo challenge of 2022! When this publishes, it will be the last day of 2022, quite the year… Let’s not dwell.

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dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Best of 2022
We got a dog. This was her first photo. Her name’s Coco.

Yes, my photo is nothing special to likely anyone else but me. We got a dog this year and she’s been a great little addition to the family. This was the first photo I took of her (yep, with my phone) after we brought her home, but it’s also the first time my smallest actual human child didn’t keep his ‘blankey’ in his room – he gave it to Coco to sleep with so she wouldn’t be scared. So yeah, special for reasons of my own – you can interpret the theme however you wish.

We want to see what YOU think was your best photograph of 2022 – it can obviously be taken any time in 2022, it can be ‘the best’ for whatever reason you deem suitable. A moment, technical ability, just something that you love for no other reason than you love it – we want to see it.

You can share your photo in the comments under this post, or join the community and share in the Facebook Group

You can always go back and try any of the previous themes (click this thing) or you can take a look at some of the community faves from 2022.

That’s a stack of things for you to do this week!

Happy New Year from me and all of us here at Digital Photography School, we hope your photographic year has been fruitful and here’s to an even better 2023!

— Simon

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