Facebook Pixel dPS Roundup: The Best Photos of November

dPS Roundup: The Best Photos of November

We’re back with our second in the series of monthly roundups! November was a fun month, with Wheels, Down, Coffee, and Dark & Moody as our weekly challenges.

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For our Wheels challenge, I was really drawn to the unique red light in this photograph from Ira Papamalama:

light painting bicycle
© Ira Papamalama

The reflections in the photograph of the car wheels from Ivan Galic were quite good, too. (Plus, there’s a Porsche, and…well…it’s a Porsche!)

porsche wide-angle
© Ivan Galic

Moving swiftly on to our theme, Down, we had a handful of drone photographs along with some other great images; it was really fun to go through the photos posted in the Facebook group and on the blog and see how everyone interpreted the theme!

This image grabbed me – there’s so much going on:

cityscape looking down
© Cristina Salvacion

And our second choice in the Down challenge came from a regular challenge participant, Chinmoy Biswas. The shadow and action in the photograph is really great!

fishing boat on the water
© Chinmoy Biswas

The next challenge was dear to my heart…well…to my whole body? Coffee!

This first photograph from Jin Mamlouk is great! Beans, steam, and a unique mug – winning! Thanks, Jin.

coffee with steam
© Jin Mamlouk

And in the photograph below by Amal, it’s the light and shadow that really sets the shot apart! The layering (as my good friend Deanne Fitzmaurice always tells me) with the coffee, the light, and the newspaper, is all great. Well done, Amal.

coffee from above
© Amal

Another regular to our weekly challenge, Moncat, dropped a lovely photograph into the Dark & Moody challenge this month! I imagined rowing into the fog on an eerie morning – but maybe that’s just me. Great photo!

misty mountains
© Moncat

And rounding out our best weekly challenge photos of November is this photograph from matt93, another cracking photograph with all the makings of a dark and moody scene. Thanks, Matt!

misty sunrise
© matt93

Don’t forget, you can join all of our weekly challenges for free. To sharpen your skills, go ahead and submit a photo to all of the past challenges (click here). Or enter the latest challenge, Light Painting, which is still open (here).

Our weekly challenge isn’t about the best photographers showcasing their work. It’s about getting us all out to make photographs and to keep practicing so we get better at this fantastic medium that we’ve chosen! Come and interact and get feedback in the private Facebook group, and submit your photograph there if you’d like!

See you soon!


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