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dPS Photowalk 2011 – How was it?

Well, in a word! AMAZING.

Arriving at Liverpool Street tube station on Saturday afternoon, wandered up the steps into the meeting area we had previously agreed, I saw a couple of people I knew right away, and then my gaze crept by and out into the open area – a sea of camera holding people… Well, a small sea, but a sea all the same!.. about 236 when all was said and done!


Anyone have a megaphone?

So, we kicked off at three pm, and walked in the wrong direction for a whole 47 meters, then with a few quick turns we were back on track. The group was about 400 meters long! So with the help of my trusty shepherd, Nathan, we wandered off in the direction of ‘things to shoot’ and there were lots of things, based on your photos!

*You can see a list with links to twenty or so various sets of photos from the day, on flickr, here*

Image: If I look lost, that's because I am...

If I look lost, that's because I am...

The whole point of the photo walk was to simply bring people together to meet, shoot, drink, chat and generally enjoy the day and I think, based on the feedback from people here, on Twitter and Facebook that we did just that!

Walkers started to get cold and a little tired / lost / out of light at around five thirty, so we shortened the walk (by about half!) and headed for the pub, on arriving and opening the door, we were met by a FULL room, the line was all the way to the back of the place just to get a drink! I got on the mic and handed out a set of prizes and generally made a fool of myself, but we had fun! lots of fun… (We still had over 130 people when we made it back to the pub!)

A big thank you to www.3leggedthing.com | www.blackrapid.com | www.thinktankphoto.com | The Railway Tavern and certainly by no means least, my wingman and sheep dog, Nathan from Nathanpask.com

Images in this blog post by LibraSnake Photography and Andy Teo

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