Facebook Pixel Does Your DSLR's Viewfinder Give the 'Full Picture'?

Does Your DSLR’s Viewfinder Give the ‘Full Picture’?

One of the most attractive features about DSLRs is that they enable photographers to know that what they see through the viewfinder will be exactly what they see in the image that they end up with….

Or do they?

Unless you’re fortunate enough to own a fairly high end DSLR the changes are that what you see through your DSLR’s viewfinder will only be around 95% of what you’ll end up with in your image.

PS: this tip applies for most compact cameras too


This means that there you need to account for just a little extra of your scene to be in your end image than what you’ll see.

Of course you can always crop this out later if a distracting element creeps into your shot.

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