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Does a Camera Make you Pro?

5.jpegEarlier this week I received the followign email from one of our readers – Harsh Singh – and thought it might make an interesting discussion. I’d love to hear how you’d answer it:

What I am writing to you about is a situation I run into with one of my friends. I bought a nikon d5000 a year ago, and have been using it since (that’s one of Harsh’s shots off to the right).

Every time I talk to him, he seems to put me down for using the nikon d5000, either by saying I am not a pro or a newbie even though my shots are way better than his. I don’t know what to do, I never say anything about his photography I get labeled as a newbie.

I want to share my work and frustration with DPS community and ask their opinion, does a camera really make you pro or not and what should i do with my friend? Thank you so much!

What would you advise our reader?

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