Facebook Pixel DIY Seamless White Background for Product Shots

DIY Seamless White Background for Product Shots

Here’s a quick idea that might help those of you looking to take some product shots (think selling stuff on E-Bay) who might not have the budget to buy a light tent or lighting setup (or who don’t have the time to make their own light tent).

It was put together by Daniel Greene.



I think the shots explain themselves but here’s what Daniel wrote in describing the setup:

“I simply used an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of white copy paper and asked my husband to hold up the paper behind the product (coming from beneath the product) to create a seamless white background. I sat at my desk chair and held my camera without a tripod. I pointed my flash up to the flat white ceiling to bounce and diffuse the light. This shot was “take one” (I was happy with what I saw on the LCD after the first shot). I imported the shot into Apple Aperture on my computer, cropped, adjusted exposure and levels, and that was it.”

Thanks to Daniel for giving us permission to use his shots. If you have your own quick and easy DIY photography technique let us know!

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Darren Rowse

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