Facebook Pixel Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 is Launched

Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 is Launched

I mentioned this book a couple of weeks ago in my Fun Digital Photography Christmas Gifts post but at that time it wasn’t officially launched. However it now has started shipping and I’m hearing some good reports on it.

The book is The Digital Photography Book, Volume 2 – a book by Scott Kelby.

Many DPS readers are familiar with Scott’s first book on this topic – The Digital Photography Book, Volume 1 (in fact this is the most popular books that is recommended by readers every time someone asks for recommendations in our forums).

This 2nd volume is completely different to the first. It’s not a 2nd edition (an update) of the first – it’s a new book covering new ground.

I’ve just ordered my copy so I won’t review it here but Saralonde has reviewed it in our forums and writes:

Overall, this book is quick, easy to read, full of useful tips, and is a good choice for the photographer that has moved beyond the simple basics and wants to better their basic photography skills.”

From Saralonde’s review it’s evident that this isn’t a book for advanced users – but if you’re just getting into digital photography or have been using a digital camera for a while now and want to get out of Auto mode and explore using your camera to its full potential then it sounds like this is a worthwhile read.

It might even be worth having both Volume 1 and Volume 2 together as they seem to make a good combination with one another.

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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