Facebook Pixel Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas... Get our Natural Light eBook for $7

Day 1 of 12 Days of Christmas… Get our Natural Light eBook for $7

Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of Christmas Sale where we’re about to release 12 days of mind-blowing photography deals for you!

Day 1: Two Amazing Deals on dPS eBooks

The countdown to Christmas 2013 begins today with 2 great deals on eBooks by award-winning travel photographer Mitchell Kanashkevich.

Working with natural light and colors to create enchanting travel photography is Mitchell’s main game.  In his 3 beautifully presented eBooks, Mitchell shares practical advice, information and tips on how anyone can create beautiful travel imagery by simply harnessing the power of natural light and color.

Deal 1:  Natural Light eBook – just $7 Today Only!


Natural Light is a powerful ally for every photographer.  Mitchell’s eBook reveals his top tips for mastering the dynamic nature of natural light to create striking photography. The best part is – you don’t need to buy any extra equipment! Mitchell’s tips and information can be applied to any brand of camera, including your smartphone.

Mitchell explains essentials such as the role and power of natural light, light as a creative tool and even the philosophy behind working with light. You’ll then learn the essential technicalities of metering, exposure and using the histogram.

The eBook also helps you understanding the changing characteristics of natural light such as quality, direction and color. Learning to create sculpting, interplays and silhouettes by controlling light is also covered.

Nine detailed case studies are included, showing you step-by-step how to optimize light. You’ll be carefully guided through the process of using light to creating compelling images guaranteed to convey mood, emotion and meaning.

Natural Light is one of the best guides on the market written specifically with beginner photographers in mind.  Written in easy to understand language, this eBook will certainly help you improve the quality of your photographs… using nature’s free gift to photographers – sunlight!  

Natural Light is available for the next 24 hours for only $7… save yourself a massive 65% off the recommended retail price and grab this Super Single deal right now!

Deal 2:  Three eBooks for only $29.99! [58% off]


Want more from Mitchell? Our second deal is for you and bundles all 3 of his books at a bargain price. You’ll get Natural Light, Captivating Color and Transcending Travel.

Captivating Color – inside this popular eBook Mitchell reveals his top tips on using color to spark the imagination, create stories and convey intense emotions.  You’ll learn about the way light and cool work together, as well the impact of color on visual weight and attention. Tips on post-processing and shot manipulation for maximum effect are also included.

The imagery included in the 48-page eBook beautifully illustrates the power of captivating color.  Mitchell includes stunning photographs taken throughout his travels around the world, all using color to powerfully capture the viewer’s attention.

You’ll gain access to Mitchell’s rare professional insights and experience in using color to create magic.  If you need inspiration to get your creative juices flowing and your imagination all fired up, this eBook is well and truly for you… and it’s included in our Bargain Bundle for a seriously cheap $29.99!

Transcending Travel – You won’t ever risk taking bad travel shots ever again – because todays Bargain Bundle also includes Mitchell’s popular ebook Transcending Travel. In this gorgeous 80- page guide, Mitchell gives you brand new tips on how to take the mesmerizing travel imagery most people DON’T know how to create!

Preparation is key – researching your trip, making the correct choices in lenses, camera body and other gear.  Every traveller knows packing light is critical; so let Mitchell help you avoid making expensive excess-weight mistakes.

You’ll also learn to communicate effectively to viewers through the basics of composition – framing, focal points and perspective. Using light to your creative advantage at any time of the day or evening, as well as flashes and reflectors, is also covered.  The eBook also walks readers through the 5 elements of making the photographic process, as well as essential information on freeze motion and blurring.

Photographing people of diverse ethnic and language backgrounds can be raise some ethical issues of which you may not be aware.  Mitchell gives you tips and advice based on years of experience working directly with people around the world – make sure you’re well informed before you go.

Landscapes, interiors, buildings and still-life shots are also covered.  You’ll be inspired to pack your bags and get going once you’ve finished reading beautifully illustrated classic…included in our Bargain Bundle for only $29.99.

Download now and save up to 65% OFF!

Your Day 1 deals are all easy PDF downloads you can take with you anywhere… without risking any excess baggage charges! We hope you enjoy these classics guaranteed to make your photography even more beautiful.  Stay tuned for Day 2 deals coming up next!

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