Facebook Pixel 15 Creative Uses Of Overexposure

15 Creative Uses Of Overexposure

The nice thing about all the rules of photography is they can often be broken with great results.  Some would even claim there are no actual rules of photography, just results.  Whether the whole image or just part of it, I’ve complied 15 great examples of how overexposure can be used to enhance the end result.


Photo by LeRe Pics - 1/80 f/8 ISO 3200

Copyright brianschulman

Photo by brianschulman - 1/60 f/3.5 ISO 1600


Photo by Yandle - 1/5 f/8 ISO 50


Photo by .Pete. - 1/40 f/18 ISO 200


Photo by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ - Exposure Not Published


Photo by skycaptaintwo - 1.3 seconds f5.6 ISO 100


Photo by katmere - 1/125 f/2.8 ISO 200


Photo by ljmacphee - 1/8 f/8 ISO 50


Photo by melody.gates - 1/10 f/16 ISO 100


Photo by cstrom - 1/1000 f/2.8 ISO 100


Photo by reborg - Exposure Not Published


Photo by ooOJasonOoo - 1.6 seconds f/3.5 ISO 800


Photo by mangpages - 1/15 f/2.8 ISO 200

Image: Photo by Lachlan Hardy - 1/640 f/8 ISO 200

Photo by Lachlan Hardy - 1/640 f/8 ISO 200


Photo by John Worthington - 1/800 f/7.1 ISO 100

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