Facebook Pixel Creative Digital Monochrome Effects [BOOK REVIEW]

Creative Digital Monochrome Effects [BOOK REVIEW]

Creative Digital Monochrome Effects.jpgYou can abuse it, denigrate it, ignore it and generally shove it to the furthest recesses of your mind … but monochrome imagery just won’t lie down!

So, here’s yet another book on how to create digital monochrome pictures – Creative Digital Monochrome Effects. And, have to admit, I’m a sucker for the whole topic.

Basically, making mono images is a tough ask in this 21st world of colour. Colour is just so damned easy while mono is a tough challenge and what makes Farace’s book a little different is that he re-explores some ‘lost’ techniques that will encourage you to dabble in the methodology. Wouldn’t you like to make some Cyanotypes, Bromoils, Platinotypes? I sure would!

The author also explores the in-camera methods of capturing a mono image, then moves on to the use of camera filters to reduce the colour range of a subject.

The point is made that correct exposure of an image intended to be ‘mono-ised’ is essential, with correct use of the LCD’s histogram to restrict the tonal range a important chore.

Post-capture techniques naturally call for some ‘heavy lifting’ and, at this point the involvement of RAW format is encouraged.

We then get into toning: duotones, tritons, quadtones are treated in some detail and, if you have never dabbled in toning, this chapter alone will set you on fire.

Throughout the book suggestions are made on which software to employ, with descriptions of the role of such apps as BW Styler, nik Color Efex Pro, Pixel Genius PhotoKit and others given.

A novel approach in painting with Layers is described, where Photoshop brushwork can help ignite an otherwise mundane image.
If your photography has become a little tired of late this book will re-invigorate your passion.

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