Facebook Pixel Creating a Photography Backdrop Using Vintage Materials

Creating a Photography Backdrop Using Vintage Materials

Image: Image by Peter Ashton

Image by Peter Ashton

A Guest Post by Gabriella Gallo

Coming up with unique backgrounds for portraits can be time consuming, and quite expensive. Vintage materials that can be found cheaply, will give your photos a new life, and keep your budget in check.

Using actual 3D materials will also give texture that is hard to achieve with the typical backdrop screen.

Vintage Wood Crates

Here in apple country, we see crates lined up along the orchards all year round. While the crates are functional in their box form, taking them apart and creating a wall has become a work of art that is now seen in homes and photography studios.

The beauty of the apple crate wall is that no two are alike, whether you choose a horizontal or vertical installation, the possibilities are endless, and gorgeous! You can typically find crates at yard sales and flea markets, or check your local Craigslist.

If you can’t find any crates, create your own wood slats by antiquing some wood using a mix of stains, stencils, and a hammer to make dents and scratches for an authentic look.

Vintage Ceiling Tiles

Image: Subject in front of Vintage Ceiling Tiles

Subject in front of Vintage Ceiling Tiles

Lately, everyone is in love with vintage tin ceilings from farm houses. Tin tiles have been turned into frames, mirrors, back splashes, and more. As a photographer, taking the tiles from the ceiling and putting them on the wall will lend old world charm to your studio in an instant. If you want to take a shortcut, use foam photography backdrop tiles to build a wall to get the look of vintage tile. Much like the apple crate you can customize tiles, and create a vintage look by painting the tiles in your choice of colors and antique finishes.

Vintage Brick

One of the oldest and most versatile building products is brick. Vintage brick, with it’s coloring and unique personality, is a great addition to any photographer’s backdrops. The best way to gather bricks is by looking on your local Craigslist, or asking homeowners that may be removing a brick patio or driveway if you may have them. Using old bricks from projects will give an authentic look, and you are usually doing someone a favor by taking the bricks off their hands.

There you go! Three easy ways to use vintage materials as backdrops for your photographs. You’ll produce fabulous photos with a personal touch, and you’ll be doing the environment a favor by reusing materials that might otherwise end up in a landfill.

Gabriella Gallo helps photographers and others build professional href=”http://www.edecorativeceilingtiles.com/photography-backdrops/”>photo backdrops and other crafts from ceiling tiles.

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