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Don’t Miss This Incredible Preset Deal (1400+ Presets at 50% Off!)

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Do you ever wish you could open up a bland, boring, unedited photo in Lightroom – and then, with a single click of your mouse, turn it into a beautiful, eye-catching final product?

It seems impossible, right? After all, it takes years to master Lightroom editing. And then, even once you’re an editing expert, it can take hours of careful processing to enhance a single image. (Time that you could spend outside shooting, I might add!) 

Lots of photographers just struggle along; they waste time in Lightroom and never really get the results they want. 

But a small number of photographers have figured out the secret:

Lightroom presets, which let you radically transform your photos with literally one click. Presets are insanely fast, and – when created by editing experts – they can be incredibly effective, too.

Unfortunately, good presets are both hard to find and expensive, which is why I highly recommend you take advantage of this incredible product from our friends at Contrastly:

The Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle, which includes a whopping 1450+ presets designed to edit pretty much every kind of picture imaginable. (They’ll get you amazing results even if you have zero editing experience!) 

Here are just a few of the preset categories:

  • Wedding Collection
  • Film Simulation
  • Dramatic HDR
  • Light Leaks & Flares
  • Landscape Collection
  • Bright & Airy

(Bonus: In addition to Lightroom, these Contrastly presets work in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop!)

So how much does all this cost?

Purchased separately, the 1450+ presets would set you back $549. But bundled together, you can purchase the presets for $99 – or you could, if Contrastly hadn’t given our readers an exclusive 50% discount!

So for a limited time only, you can use the link below to grab the presets for just $49:

Get the Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle at 50% off!

The deal will only last until the end of July, so don’t wait. Take advantage of this incredible preset bundle while you still can!

Peek at the presets in action!

We think Contrastly’s presets do a great job, but don’t take our word for it. You can currently view over a dozen before and after images, all showing the power of the presets:

See the (stunning) preset examples!

That way, you can understand how the presets will improve your portraits, landscapes, travel photos, and more.

before and after preset bundle

And one more thing:

When you buy the Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle, you don’t just get access to Contrastly’s entire preset library. You also gain access to all future presets that the Contrastly team produces. Pretty cool, right?

Again, this deal only lasts until the end of the month. So click to grab your amazing preset collection at 50% off before July is out:

Get the Complete Lightroom Presets Bundle for just $49!

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Jaymes Dempsey
Jaymes Dempsey

is the Managing Editor of Digital Photography School, as well as a macro and nature photographer from Ann Arbor, Michigan. To learn how to take stunning nature photos, check out his free eBook, Mastering Nature Photography: 7 Secrets For Incredible Nature Photos! And to see more of Jaymes’s work check out his website and his blog.

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