Facebook Pixel News: Capture One 20 Release – A New Version of the Powerful RAW Editor

News: Capture One 20 Release – A New Version of the Powerful RAW Editor


Phase One has just released the next version in their Capture One software lineup, which will replace the old Capture One 12, and will undoubtedly maintain Phase One’s position as a high-end Lightroom alternative.

Capture One 20 promises the same set of tools as Capture One 12, but better (and with a few extra functions that you’ll want to check out).

Let’s take a look at some of the improvements from Capture One 12 to Capture One 20:

First, Capture One 20 features upgraded color editing tools, so that it’s possible to make selective color adjustments on the fly. Capture One 12 was already known for its selective color tools, but Capture One 20 offers speedier adjustments and increased functionality.

Second, Capture One 20 includes a new high dynamic range tool, which will allow for improved contrast adjustments. As Phase One promises: “Recover highlights, boost shadows, darken the blacks or boost the brightest areas of your photo – all in one tool.” While you’ll want to try this HDR tool to determine how valuable it is for your workflow, it could certainly come in handy for plenty of photographers.

Third, every photographer, beginner and professional alike, jumps at the chance to use top-of-the-line noise reduction algorithms. Capture One 20 developers have clearly kept this in mind, offering an enhanced noise reduction tool for noise-free photos at higher ISOs.

One of the reasons why you might consider Capture One over Lightroom is the layer and masking functions. These make it possible to produce local adjustments and carry out advanced editing. Fortunately, Capture One 20 has continued to develop these features, adding a new Copy function that will make working with masks and layers even easier.

Now, Capture One 20’s most obvious weakness is its price, which remains far above that of many other Lightroom alternatives. But the additional power and customizability may be worth it, especially for experienced enthusiasts and professionals.

Plus, for those who already own Capture One 12, Phase One promises a lower rate if you decide to upgrade to Capture One 20. And Capture One can also be purchased as part of a subscription package; for those who are on a subscription plan, head over to the Capture One website to download your new Capture One 20 software.

For everyone else, you can purchase a Capture One license or subscription, or you can try the software for free!

Do you plan on getting Capture One 20? And what do you think about Capture One compared to Lightroom? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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