Facebook Pixel Canon Will Unveil the EOS R8 Before February 23rd

Canon Will Unveil the EOS R8 Before February 23rd

The EOS R8 will be unveiled before February 23rd

Canon’s next RF-mount mirrorless camera, the EOS R8, will “be announced ahead of [the CP+ show] in February” – and because the show is slated to begin on February 23rd, you can expect to see an R8 announcement sometime within the next 45 days. 

This news comes from Canon Rumors, which had previously reported on an upcoming mirrorless model that will sit between the EOS R10 (Canon’s entry-level RF-mount camera) and the EOS R7 (Canon’s higher-level RF-mount APS-C camera). At the time, CR speculated that the EOS R8 would feature an APS-C sensor and lack an electronic viewfinder, and it seems that at least one of those predictions will come to pass: the upcoming camera “will use the same 24.2 MP image sensor…in the [APS-C] EOS R10.” 

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the EOS R8 will fill one of two positions in the Canon mirrorless lineup:

  1. The midrange stills-focused camera with an electronic viewfinder, reasonably fast continuous shooting, solid video performance, and impressive autofocus, similar to Canon’s 90D DSLR
  2. The high-level vlogging/videography camera, with a compact design, a focus on video over stills photography, and (potentially) the loss of an EVF

Which is more likely? We have no confirmed EOS R8 specs, but Canon Rumors does note that the R8 may “take on a bit of a different form factor” with “a new kind of ‘flippy screen.’” Still photographers appreciate articulating screens, of course, but I’d expect a pioneering screen design to cater to vloggers, who like to check composition and focus while standing in front of the camera, and videographers, who often work from unusual angles and require extreme LCD flexibility.

One broader takeaway: Canon is firmly committed to expanding the APS-C section of its RF-mount lineup. And while it’s become a bit trite to predict the end of Canon’s EOS M series, the release of the EOS R8 – assuming the camera does indeed boast an APS-C sensor – is a sign that the company plans to move on once and for all. The Canon EOS M50 Mark II is over two years old and has no replacement in sight, so Canon’s decision to continue releasing APS-C RF-mount cameras following the launch of the EOS R10 and R7 is likely the final nail in the coffin for the company’s original mirrorless mount.

Keep an eye out for further EOS R8 news; with the CP+ show on the horizon, you won’t have long to wait!

Now over to you:

What are your hopes and predictions for Canon’s upcoming EOS R8 camera? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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