Facebook Pixel Canon to Announce the EOS M50 Mark II With 32.5 MP, 14 FPS

Canon to Announce the EOS M50 Mark II With 32.5 MP, 14 FPS

Canon to announce EOS M50 Mark II

2020 is Canon’s year.

First we get the EOS R5 and R6, two powerhouse cameras that have revolutionized Canon’s mirrorless lineup (and, in some ways, the world of mirrorless more generally).

And now it looks like we’ll be seeing another impressive mirrorless model before the year is out, this time as an addition to Canon’s APS-C mirrorless arsenal:

The EOS M50 Mark II, the successor to the fantastic EOS M50.

While the EOS M50 Mark II’s release isn’t yet official, camera product listings have prompted Canon Rumors to declare that the new mirrorless body is “confirmed.”

And according to Canon Rumors, the EOS M50 Mark II will include a 32.5 MP sensor (up from 24 MP on the EOS M50), as well as improved autofocus, 14 frames-per-second continuous shooting (compared to 10 fps on the EOS M50), 4K/60p capabilities without a crop, one SD card slot, and a 3.69M-dot electronic viewfinder (up from the 2.36M-dot EVF on the EOS M50). You can also expect compatibility (via an adapter) with Canon’s EF and EF-S lenses, though Canon also offers a decent range of EF-M glass.

In other words, the EOS M50 Mark II will be impressive indeed. Photographers will be able to harness the detail of a 30+ megapixel sensor while maintaining the speed of an action camera. And while we don’t know if the 14 fps specification only applies when using One-Shot autofocus (AF-S), worst-case scenario puts the EOS M50 Mark II at around 10 fps when set to AI Servo (AF-C), which is not bad at all for serious action shooters.

Personally, I’m most looking forward to the electronic viewfinder. I find EVFs below 3.69M-dot tough to use, and it’s hard to overstate the value of a good electronic viewfinder. After all, it’s what defines your entire shooting experience, especially if you’re the type that shoots frequently through the viewfinder rather than working with Live View on the rear LCD.

Overall, the EOS M50 Mark II appears to be something of an all-around camera for beginners and intermediate photographers (while still perfectly capable of professional-quality shots). And the 4K/60p video is a nice addition for hybrid shooters and vloggers, especially given the limitations of the EOS M50’s 4K/24p video (it comes with a frustrating 1.7x crop).

So if you’re looking for a powerful camera that offers a lot of resolution, impressive speed, and a (likely) reasonable price tag, then keep an eye out for the official EOS M50 Mark II announcement over the next few months.

Now over to you:

What do you think about these EOS M50 Mark II features? Are you impressed? Disappointed? Do you plan to purchase the EOS M50 Mark II?

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