Facebook Pixel Canon to Release an EOS R8 or EOS R9 in 2023

Canon to Release an EOS R8 or EOS R9 in 2023

Canon to release an EOS R8 or R9 in 2023

Over the past few months, a handful of Canon gear announcements and rumors have made waves in the photography community – including reports of an upcoming EOS R5 Mark II and EOS R50 – and earlier this week, Canon Rumors revealed yet another tidbit for Canon fans to appreciate. 

According to CR, Canon is developing a mirrorless camera that will sit “between the EOS R7 and EOS R10…from a price standpoint.” And while CR can’t offer any confirmed specs, the rumor site believes that the “EOS R8/EOS R9…will have a different form factor and could possibly see the omission of a built-in viewfinder.” CR also suggests that the R8/R9 will pack an APS-C sensor, presumably based on its position between the (crop-sensor) EOS R7 and EOS R10.

To my mind, however, the sensor type is far from certain. The EOS R10 currently costs $980, body only, while you can grab the EOS R7 body for $1499. And while I could certainly imagine another APS-C body that falls in that $1000-$1500 price bracket, the camera could just as easily be an entry-level model à la the $999 Canon EOS RP. After all, the EOS RP is nearly four years old – it was released in March of 2019 – and is due a replacement (in spirit, if not in name).

Personally, I’d expect that any camera falling between the EOS R7 and EOS R10 would feature an electronic viewfinder; after all, the EOS R10 contains one. I could imagine an exception in the case of a very vlog- or video-centric compact model (like an upgraded Nikon Z30), but I’m not confident Canon would make such a move. 

We don’t have a release timeline for the EOS R8/R9, so keep an eye out for additional news. And in the meantime, head down into the comments and let us know:

What do you think about a Canon EOS R8 or R9? Do you have any spec predictions? Would you buy such a camera?

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