Facebook Pixel The Canon EOS R5c Will Feature “Unlimited 8K Recording,” Debut in 2022

The Canon EOS R5c Will Feature “Unlimited 8K Recording,” Debut in 2022

Canon EOS R5c: "Unlimited 8K," Debut in 2022

In 2022, Canon will release the EOS R5c, a “videographer-focus[ed] EOS R5,” according to Canon Rumors

The EOS R5, despite the initial excitement surrounding its 8K/30p recording capabilities, was widely regarded as a videography disappointment; its tendency to overheat in 8K, and even when recording in 4K/60p, made it all but unusable for serious videographers looking to push beyond 4K/30p. And while the EOS R5 has found success among stills photographers, the lack of practical 8K has continued to frustrate Canon fans.

But with a cinema-centric Canon EOS R5c on the horizon, videographers can rest easy. Canon Rumors claims the R5c will directly address R5 overheating issues via active cooling technology, delivering “unlimited 8K/30p recording” (and, we assume, unlimited 4K/60p recording, as well).

Practically, this means day-long shoots in 4K/60p and/or 8K/30p, recording multiple back-to-back scenes, doing constant, high-resolution vlogging, and more. And it will be combined with the EOS R5’s outstanding still-shooting capabilities, likely featuring a 45 MP full-frame sensor, in-body image stabilization, a fully-articulating touchscreen, and class-leading autofocus.

Canon Rumors also mentions a “slightly different form factor” on the EOS R5c, but don’t expect major design changes – only adjustments to make room for a cooling fan.

Assuming Canon maintains all the R5’s current features and simply upgrades video performance, the new camera will presumably feature a higher price than the (already pricey) EOS R5, which currently sells for $3900. Even so, it’s cheaper than the alternative; bear in mind the prices of the Sony a1 – around $6500 – and the upcoming Nikon Z9 – $5500 – the only two hybrid cameras currently capable of shooting in 8K.

When will Canon release the EOS R5c? The initial announcement may have been scheduled for October 2021, but Canon Rumors now believes we should get the R5c next year – potentially in the first quarter, though CR is “unsure at this time if that [previously rumored] timeline is still accurate.”

So if you’re a Canon shooter interested in unlimited 8K video, you shouldn’t have too long to wait. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments below:

Would you purchase an EOS R5c? What do you think about such a camera from Canon? What features would you like it to have?

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