Facebook Pixel Canon Announces the R5 C, a “True Hybrid” With Unlimited 8K/60P Video

Canon Announces the R5 C, a “True Hybrid” With Unlimited 8K/60P Video

Canon announces the EOS R5 C with 8K/60p video

Canon has unveiled its latest RF-mount camera, the EOS R5 C, which combines pro-level stills and video capabilities for a “true hybrid” powerhouse.

The goal of the EOS R5 C, according to Canon, is to offer “end users…a solution that can tackle all facets of the ever-demanding multimedia and content-production landscape.” In other words, the new camera should impress video professionals while also packing plenty of photography magic. If you’re a serious vlogger who shoots stills on the side, a wedding photographer who offers video as part of your package, or even a cinematographer requiring a compact setup, the EOS R5 C might be exactly what you need.

Canon EOS R5 C side view

As its name suggests, the EOS R5 C takes much of its feature set from the Canon EOS R5, a class-leading mirrorless camera that debuted back in 2020. The R5’s 45 MP full-frame sensor, 20 frames-per-second continuous shooting, and lightning-fast autofocus have all been imported into the R5 C – though the new camera does lack in-body image stabilization, a change that will undoubtedly frustrate photographers and videographers.

Video performance is where the EOS R5 C really shines compared to the original R5: complaints of 8K overheating – a problem in the R5 – have been addressed via active cooling technology, and Canon promises “non-stop, uninterrupted 8K/60p” recording. Want to shoot for hours on end without a break? The R5 C is the camera to beat. Also, note the 8K/60p specification, which pushes past the EOS R5’s 8K/30p and allows for beautiful action and slow-motion footage. 

The R5 C also packs a whole host of features designed for videographers, including:

  • Uncropped 4K/120p recording
  • Internal audio recording in 4K/120p
  • Canon Log 3
  • Cinema RAW Light (for maximum post-processing flexibility)
  • A switch to toggle between video and photo modes and menus
  • Much more!

The upgraded video technology does add a handful of grams onto the EOS R5 C (it’s now 770 g/1.7 lb versus 738 g/1.62 lb on the EOS R5), as well as a few extra millimeters to the camera’s dimensions. But compared to true cinema cameras like the Canon EOS C300 Mark III, the R5 C is impressively light (for reference, the C300 Mark III weighs a whopping 3.86 lb/1.75 kg).

Canon EOS R5 C back view

Is the EOS R5 C right for you? If you’re a serious videographer who requires both 8K and high-resolution stills or a professional stills shooter who also needs to record in 8K or High Frame Rate 4K, the R5 C is an excellent option. Given the camera’s capabilities, its price tag – $4500, body only – is reasonable, and you can combine it with plenty of Canon EF and RF lenses for outstanding clarity. 

The R5 C will begin shipping in March and is currently available for preorder from B&H.

Now over to you:

What do you think of the Canon EOS R5 C? Is it a camera you’d be interested in purchasing? Is it missing any key features? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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