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The Canon EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II: Which Will Come First?

The Canon EOS R1 and EOS R5 Mark II: What to expect

For years, Canon users have discussed the “EOS R1” camera, a flagship mirrorless model that promises to pack a high-resolution sensor, lightning-fast shooting, and excellent recording capabilities into a single body. But while the EOS R1 camera does seem to be a genuine product in the Canon pipeline, its release timeline has been repeatedly delayed. 

Then there’s the EOS R5 Mark II, the rumored successor to the incredible (and incredibly popular) EOS R5, which debuted back in July 2020 alongside the EOS R6. Since the EOS R5’s release, we’ve seen the launch of an EOS R6 Mark II, but the EOS R5 Mark II seems to be nowhere in sight. 

So will we get either of these cameras in 2023? Which will come first? And what will they offer?

The Canon EOS R5 Mark II

According to a November 2022 article published by Canon Rumors, the EOS R5 Mark II “may be coming in Q2 of 2023.” CR also offered a handful of potential specifications – including a 61 MP sensor, 30 FPS continuous shooting, an upgraded electronic viewfinder, and 8K/60p recording – but urged readers to be skeptical; the source of the rumors, CR said, has “a very good track record…not a perfect track record.” 

Then, on February 20th, CR noted that it “[hasn’t] heard anything serious about the camera” following the November post, but that it may “‘likely arrive before the Canon EOS R1.’” Commenting on the specifications published in November, CR warned: “[T]ake them with a huge grain of salt at this point.”

The Canon EOS R1 

Back in October of 2021, Canon Rumors reported on the EOS R1, claiming that “an announcement may come as early as Q3 [of 2022].” At the time, CR noted that the camera was still in development, though it would likely offer over 45 MP of resolution, 8K video “at various frame rates,” and would be “‘[a] jack of all trades, and…a master of everything.’”

Unfortunately, however, Canon seems to have steadily pushed back the EOS R1’s release announcement. In addition to the information given above – that the R1 would debut after the EOS R5 Mark II – CR has since reported that “the Canon EOS R1 is scheduled for the 2nd half of 2023 for an announcement;” the site has also noted, more pessimistically, that the camera “may not see the light of day until the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.” 

What can you expect?

As should be clear from the information above, predicting camera releases, even with solid sources, is a very difficult business. Good sources can be wrong on occasion, and Canon may make changes to the release timeline in response to various factors, including user feedback and financial realities. 

That said, my best guess is that one camera will debut in 2023 and the other in 2024. Based on the most recent rumors, the EOS R5 Mark II seems the better candidate for a 2023 announcement, which will likely happen sometime this summer or fall. Then we should get the EOS R1 in mid-2024 (with some lower-end camera and lens announcements sprinkled in between). 

As for the cameras’ features: I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 60+ megapixel sensor in the EOS R5 Mark II. A 9.44M-dot EVF also seems plausible, as does 8K/60p video. I do think the continuous shooting capabilities on the R5 Mark II may push past the previously rumored 30 FPS; 40, 45, or even 60 FPS seems like a real possibility.

The EOS R1, like the Sony a1, may boast a 50 MP sensor, though I expect that the camera’s speed will be its primary selling point. Look for 60 FPS continuous shooting, top-tier autofocus, and outstanding ergonomics (including a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and a built-in body grip).

Of course, I’m no seer, so make sure you check back for additional information on these two cameras as the year continues!

Now over to you:

When do you think the EOS R5 Mark II and the EOS R1 will debut? Are you interested in either model? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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