Facebook Pixel Canon to Announce EOS R Replacement "in the Next Six Months or So"

Canon to Announce EOS R Replacement “in the Next Six Months or So”

Canon will announce an EOS R replacement

A Canon EOS R replacement is in the works, according to Canon Rumors, which revealed that  “the new camera could be announced in late 2022 or in early 2023, with a ship date coming in Q1 of 2023.” 

While the new camera won’t bear the EOS R name – CR notes that we should not expect a Canon EOS R Mark II – it will likely be aimed at the enthusiast and semi-professional segment of Canon users and will build on features present in the EOS R. Specifically, the new camera “will sit below the Canon EOS R6 but will not be a new version of the Canon EOS RP.”

So what will the Canon EOS R successor offer? 

When the Canon EOS R initially debuted back in 2018, it drew significant criticism for its lack of innovative features; it was, some users claimed, a mirrorless Canon 5D Mark IV but with several key downgrades, including the loss of dual card slots. Users were also frustrated by Canon’s failure to compete with Sony’s powerful 2018 release, the a7 III. The EOS R offered a decent electronic viewfinder but no in-body image stabilization, and the R’s 4K/30p video came with a substantial (1.7x) crop.

In the years since, Canon has sought to rectify its mistakes. The EOS R5, in particular, took up the Canon EOS 5D mantle, boasting dual card slots, excellent in-body image stabilization, outstanding autofocus capabilities, and impressive 8K/30p video. It’s an all-around professional body that can handle nearly any shooting situation, from landscape and travel to sports and wildlife – so where does that leave an EOS R replacement?

If I had to guess, I’d say that Canon’s upcoming camera will be a small step down from the EOS R in terms of Canon’s targeting, but with several major improvements over the EOS R (thanks to mirrorless technology developed since the EOS R’s launch).

For instance, an EOS R replacement will likely boast in-body image stabilization, a useful feature that’s present in all of Canon’s recent high-end mirrorless models, including the Canon EOS R5, EOS R6, EOS R7, and EOS R3. Autofocus and high-speed continuous shooting will undoubtedly receive a boost; Canon AF systems have improved in leaps and bounds since 2018, and burst modes are now regularly reaching 20+ FPS (using the electronic shutter) and 15 FPS (using the mechanical shutter) compared to the EOS R’s “measly” 8 FPS continuous shooting.

Video capabilities, too, should get a major upgrade. An EOS R replacement will offer at least 4K/60p, and – depending on whether Canon seeks to target hybrid shooters and videographers – perhaps higher.

As for image quality: The EOS R packs a full-frame, 30 MP sensor, which offers a nice balance of resolution and low-light capabilities. Canon might choose to use a similar sensor in an EOS R replacement – or the company may look to lower the sensor resolution to 24 MP. 

Regardless, we should get some specification rumors in the next few months, so be sure to check back for new information.

Now over to you:

What would you like to see in a Canon EOS R Mark II? And what do you think the new camera will be called? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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