Facebook Pixel Canon EOS M7 Rumored to Arrive in 2020 With Dual Card Slots, 2.36M-Dot EVF

Canon EOS M7 Rumored to Arrive in 2020 With Dual Card Slots, 2.36M-Dot EVF

Canon EOS M7 rumor

With most photographers focused on Canon’s new EOS R models, rumors of another couple of Canon EOS M cameras have mostly flown under the radar. This includes talk of a potential EOS M7, as well as a rumored EOS M50 Mark II.

And information continues to leak, including recent Canon EOS M7 specifications; if the rumors are accurate, it’s shaping up to be one impressive camera.

Canon Rumors suggests we may get:

A 32-megapixel sensor.

In-body image stabilization.

A 2.36M-dot electronic viewfinder.

12 frames-per-second shooting.

Dual card slots.


Nice, right?

Unfortunately, the same set of rumors also puts the EOS M7 price at $1599 USD, which is significantly more expensive than either the EOS M50 and the EOS M6 Mark II. But if the EOS M7 is, as many have speculated, a higher-end, durable APS-C mirrorless model from Canon, this pricing could make sense.

Now, the features listed above are unconfirmed (Canon Rumors marks them as CR1), so take them with a pinch of salt. But the EOS M7 has long been a topic of discussion, including speculation of the camera as a mirrorless replacement to the Canon EOS 7D series, which was a favorite set of DSLRs among bird and wildlife photographers.

If the latter is true, the EOS M7 should, first and foremost, be an action photography camera. This is hinted at by the (relatively) fast continuous shooting specification, as well as the dual card slots, but we’ll have to wait and see regarding its durability (the 7D series was known for its large, tough bodies).

Interestingly, Canon Rumors also mentions the possibility of the EOS M line drawing to a close in 2021, with Canon focusing entirely on the EOS R lineup, including (perhaps) an APS-C EOS R model. If such a rumor were true, then the EOS M7 and the EOS M50 Mark II may be some of the last EOS M bodies we ever get.

Of course, this is also completely unsubstantiated, so just keep an eye out for related news in the future!

Now over to you:

What do you think about the rumored specifications for the Canon EOS M7? Is it a camera you’d be interested in? Also, do you think that Canon will truly discard its EOS M lineup? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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