Canon DSLR System [Book Review]

Canon DSLR System [Book Review]


Canon DSLR System.jpgThis is the first of this type of book I’ve come across: a guide to a thoroughbred strain of cameras, the models in the lineup, a feature list of each as well as a rundown on the lenses and accessories to suit.

For Canon the release of the first EOS, the D30 in May 2000, represented a significant step forward as the “first all-Canon digital SLR… ”

When this camera was released it was helpfully bundled with a 16MB memory card, sufficient to store three full res RAW files. Wow!

The listing for this camera is an indication of the styles to follow: eight pages of descriptive and detailed text, plus two pages of specs and some images.

They’re all there: EOS-1D, D60; 1Ds; 10D; 300D/Digital Rebel; 1Ds Mk II; 20D; 350D/Rebel XT; 5D; 1D Mk II N; 30D; 400D/Rebel XTi; 1D Mk III; 40D; 1DS Mk III; 450D/Rebel XSi; 1000D/Rebel XS; 5D Mk II; 500D/Rebel T1i; 7D; 1D Mk IV; 550D/Rebel T2i.

Useful chapters include a full list of EF, EF-L land IS Lenses, tilt and shift lenses, spelling out the construction data (elements/groups), aperture, filter size, size etc. Accessories such as wireless flash, controllers, battery grips etc are also described.

But it’s not all techy: tucked away between the camera outlines are helpful chapters on the art of photography itself: composition, white balance, spot metering and so on.

Thankfully, the model numbers given are in dual form, as Canon seems to have an enormous problem with grey marketting of its product in the US, demanding, for example, that such cameras as the EOS 550D be labeled as the Rebel T2i for that market.

A useful book if you are a Canon follower. My only caution is of course that, with the continuing cascade of new models, the list will be out of date in six months’ time. Perhaps the book would be better published as a subscription PDF on the Net.

Author: A Stansfield.
Publisher: Ammonite Press.
Distributor: Capricorn Link.
Length: 272 pages.
ISBN 978 1 906672 70 6.
Price: Get a price on the Canon DSLR System at Amazon where it is presently 22% off.

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Some Older Comments

  • Dave arienda January 16, 2011 05:18 am

    What is the meaning of the letter "D" in camera .. Coz all slr comes with D

    Is it digital... ?

  • ksporry January 12, 2011 02:39 pm

    I concur with Steve. The D30 was not the first EOS. The first EOS was born around the same time the first Canon autofocus lens was made. I'd also like to point out that although maybe this is the first book of it's kind the author of the article has seen, it's not the first of its kind. I've spotted plenty similar books back in the UK, and in Holland. And here in China the number of these types of books is as plentiful as there are camera users in China (and with 1,5 billion inhabitants, that's a LOT).

    As for the difference in name; I vaguely seem to recall that around the time the 300D came out (I think that's the rebel in the US?), I read something online that there seemed o be a slight difference in functionality between the two models. It being as small as algorithms used, or more obvious like menu options. However, I could be wrong...

  • steve January 10, 2011 06:52 pm

    We use Rebel in Canada too, makes sense though since Rebel is the North American moniker. The D30 may have been the first digital EOS, but it was not the first EOS. I have an EOS850 that's pushing 25 years old. I still wish I'd kept my manual focus Fuji instead of trading it in on the EOS, but that's what hindsight is for, regret.

  • Chris January 10, 2011 05:21 pm

    I see the 7D and 60D listed... is the 50D not in this book? although there were not HUGE differences between the 40D and 50D there were still enough imo to be noted. Just wondering.

  • Barrie Smith January 9, 2011 10:34 pm

    Yes, the names! In the US the cameras are called Rebel. In other countries, EOS.
    It's all to do with grey marketting as companies try to encourage people to buy in their own countries.
    Right now in Australia many retailers are whinging about people who by online, instead of from their shops.
    Go to

  • Major Bokeh January 9, 2011 06:40 pm

    I own 5D Mark II, 40D and XSi as well as 5 L series lenses and three EF S lenses. Not to mention all the speed lights and umbrellas and gear. My blood runs Canon red. Has ever since my first AE-1 after high school.

    One thing I have never understood is their need to name the consumer cameras differently for the US. Why can't my XSi be a 450D too? I have a 5D and a 40D. Why don't those have different name?

    That's my only compliant about Canon. I think I can live with it.