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Canon and Nikon Will Release DSLRs With In-Body Image Stabilization


In-body image stabilization (IBIS) has long been resisted by the two DSLR giants, Nikon and Canon.

But recent rumors indicate that both Canon and Nikon will be breaking into new territory, with IBIS technology added to upcoming DSLRs for both brands.

Up until now, in-body image stabilization has been confined to Nikon’s mirrorless lineup. And while reports indicate that the followup to the (mirrorless) Canon EOS R will include IBIS, there was no definitive information about DSLR in-body stabilization.

Then, in April, rumors indicated that Nikon would be introducing in-body image stabilization to the D6, Nikon’s future flagship DSLR (with a possible release date in the first half of 2020). This was followed by further reports that the D6 was delayed due to the decision to add in-body image stabilization.

And just last week, Canon Rumors reported that “Canon will ‘definitely’ bring IBIS to ‘select’ DSLRs in the near future.”

Canon Rumors was uncertain “which camera(s) would be getting IBIS,” but explained that “the EOS 90D, which is coming in the next couple of months,” is a strong possibility.

Sources have also discussed the possibility that the Canon 1DX Mark III will have in-body image stabilization, so it can go toe-to-toe with the upcoming Nikon D6. Both the Canon 1DX bodies and the Nikon D6 bodies are direct competitors, catering to professional photographers who require high frame rates and exceptional durability.

Now, Nikon and Canon have always maintained that lens stabilization is superior to in-body image stabilization, due to increased flexibility in the lens as compared to the camera body. This may well be true, but many phenomenal Canon and Nikon lenses don’t include image stabilization. So photographers of all levels will undoubtedly appreciate this move to in-body stabilization.

It will certainly be a boon to those who tend to shoot handheld in low light.

So let me ask you:

Are you excited about the possibility of IBIS in new Canon and Nikon DSLRs?

And would you like to see IBIS in the upcoming Canon 90D?

Let me know in the comments!

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