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The Canon 5D Mark V to Be Produced After All (in 2020)

The Canon 5D Mark V to Be Produced After All (in 2020)Professional DSLRs aren’t dead yet.

As was reported last week, Canon has plans to keep at least one of its DSLR lineups alive:

A photographer’s favorite, the Canon 5D line.

Rumors indicate that the Canon 5D Mark V will likely be announced sometime in 2020, probably at the end of the year.

The Canon 5D Mark IV is a popular choice among professional photographers; it’s particularly praised for its high-ISO capabilities, which blow most other cameras out of the water. But the Canon 5D Mark IV isn’t just a great option for low light shooters. It’s an all-around excellent piece of kit, offering good continuous shooting speeds (7 fps), impressive autofocus capabilities (including Canon’s Dual Pixel autofocusing), a rugged body, and dual card slots.

We can hopefully expect the Canon 5D Mark V to be more of the same, just with some key upgrades. Canon will undoubtedly retain the dual card slots and the rugged camera, though we’ll undoubtedly see expanded high-ISO capabilities and (probably) improved autofocus, not to mention resolution. If we’re lucky, we’ll get increased continuous shooting speeds, though 7 fps is very respectable, especially for a 30+ megapixel camera.

Given the overwhelming interest in mirrorless cameras, we can also expect some cross-pollination between mirrorless and DSLR lineups. While the Canon 1D X Mark III will likely be the first Canon DSLR to feature in-body image stabilization, the Canon 5D Mark V may be the second.

Note that the Canon EOS R II is also rumored to come out around the same time as the Canon 5D Mark V, and will probably have many of the same features. Hopefully, this will include dual card slots, a feature that was sorely missed by professional photographers who considered the Canon EOS R, as well as in-body image stabilization.

So I’d like to ask you:

Which camera would you be more interested in – the Canon 5D Mark V or the Canon EOS R II? And Canon 5D Mark IV users, might you consider switching to mirrorless?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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