How to Break Into the Photography Business with dPS Writer Gina Milicia


Our very own dPS writer Gina Milicia was recently interviewed and asked about her thoughts on how to break into the photography business.

She talks openly about how she got her break in the business and some of her struggles. I can totally relate to what she says about just wanting to do the thing you enjoy, no matter if you you get rich or make a living from it or not. Watch the video and see if you can relate to what she says too:

“Just keep showing up every day and do something.” – Gina Milicia

In this second video you can see the resulting images from some of the behind the scenes clips in the one above.

Do you have any additional tips for someone just starting in the photography business? Please tell us in the comments below.

Gina is the author of four dPS eBooks including:

You can buy one for $19.99 or grab the whole bundle for only $49.99 (save 38%) from any of the links above.

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Darlene Hildebrandt is the Managing Editor of dPS. She is also an educator who teaches aspiring amateurs and hobbyists how to improve their skills through articles, online photography classes, and travel tours. Get her free ebook 10 Photography Challenges to help you take better pictures or join a photo tour to some exotic places.

  • David Thompson

    Thanks for sharing this… I loved hearing Milicia’s voice, her story, and her passion for her work.

  • Sarah Hipwell

    Very inspirational and extremely humbling how Gina got her start in photography, well worth watching!

  • Bob

    Very nice lady. Gina tells you never to give up. What more can you say. A must view interview. If sometimes you feel things are not working out, watch it again. You will be inspired.

  • Gina, great interview and story. Thanks for sharing, this is really encouraging. Darlene, thanks for this interview, very helpful.

  • Just shows persistence is the key.

  • I have got to say Gina is my inspiration. Not to give up on something you love. To do it because you love it.

  • rodney

    Very inspirational interview by Gina. I’d love to meet as well as have her mentor me. Thank you Darlene for bringing this to us. Very encouraging words.

  • EFG

    This was very encouraging and helpful……Thanks.

  • I love this woman, and I don’t even know her. I bought most of her books not too long ago. All are packed with practical information and diagrams, etc, that you can use immediately. Thanks, Gina. And thank you as always, Darlene.

  • Randy Stewart

    Wow Gina! Thank you for such a candid interview. You inspire! Most grateful for your your shared wisdom on the subject. Thanks!

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