Facebook Pixel 15 Stunning Images Using Blur to Portray Movement

15 Stunning Images Using Blur to Portray Movement


Photo by Mr Bones – No exposure settings supplied

Today, as a followup to our post earlier in the week A Beginners Guide to Capturing Motion in Your Photography I want to post a series of posts from Flickr that all illustrate a variation on the same theme – movement.

The following shots are all of moving subjects where the photographer has made the choice to set their camera to capture the movement as blur rather than freezing it. This is in all cases by choosing (or letting the camera choose) a ‘slow’ shutter speed (although by slow you’ll see that the speeds (noted under each image) vary from anything from 1/30 second to up to 40 minutes).


Photo by Ben McLeod – Shutter Speed – 8 seconds


Photo by zane&inzane – Exposure Time – 10 minutes


Photo by PhotoToasty – Composition of 3 images at shutter speeds of between 1.6 seconds and 25 seconds


Photo by Heidi Morton – Taken with a Blackberry! (awesome huh!)


Photo by Sara Heinrichs – Exposure Time: 20 seconds


Photo by Mace2000 – 50 second exposure time


Photo by WisDoc – Shutter Speed – 1/30


Photo by Mace2000 – Shutter Speed – 50 seconds


Photo by Wam Mosely – Shutter speed – 4/5 of a second


Photo by Mace2000 – Exposure Time – 43 seconds


Photo by jon madison – Exposure – photographer estimates somewhere between 30-40 minutes


Photo by thorinside – Shutter Speed – 13 seconds


Photo by tschnitzlein – No Exposure information given

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