Facebook Pixel Black and White Portraits a Set of Images to Admire

Black and White Portraits a Set of Images to Admire

Last week we looked at a collection of stunning black and white landscape photos. This week it’s all about portraits in the same modality.

For me there is something special about a portrait done in black and white, something about it that allows the photographer to exposure the subject’s very soul itself. The simplistic nature of being monochromatic means the focus is on light, shape, tone and emotion more so than with color, in my opinion anyway.

Black and white portraits transport me to a time of the master photographers like Karsh, Hurrell and Newman. If you don’t know those names – I suggest you google them with the word “portrait” and learn from them, as they were truly some of the best in portrait photography, possibly ever.

Without further ado, enjoy this set of black and white portraits, and if you want to learn more about black and white grab a copy of the newest dPS ebook The Essential Guide to Black and White Photography at early bird pricing only until September 13th.

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Darlene Hildebrandt
Darlene Hildebrandt

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