Better Landscape Photography Tips and Video Tutorials

Better Landscape Photography Tips and Video Tutorials


This week I’m going to turn the focus to landscape photography. Your photography challenge this week being “Flora” it’s a good time to get out and there go find some great landscapes. So I’ve actually found not one, but three, short video tutorials with some really good landscape photography tips.

#1 Top 10 pro landscape shooting tips

As the title eludes to, this video shares 10 quick tips to help you get going. At just over four minutes you don’t have to waste any time before you get out shooting. The tips include: focal point, tripod, time of day, rule of thirds and more.

#2 Low Light Landscape Photography Tips

This one is by Stuart Low Photography and he goes over some tips for shooting when the light maybe isn’t so great like a gray gloomy day, and how to create interesting compositions. Besides, I just love his accent!

#3 The Australian Photography Show Ep1 – Landscapes

Last but not least is a really good video by Zulu Media. They go on a location photo shoot with landscape photographer Adam Monk at the famous Australian landmark, The Pinnacles. You don’t have to live in Australia to be able to use his tips though, you can apply these to any location and use them immediately. Some really good stuff in here as the two photographers show different ways of approaching the same subject matter and talk about lenses, camera settings and composition for impact.

I hope you enjoy these landscape photography tips. If you want more you can check out the Best landscape articles of 2013 here on dPS, or Living Landscapes, one of our most popular eBooks!

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  • Great idea to put three videos on the same page; each with its own style. Sometimes it is the points of difference that add more value, and these are more easily picked up watching one after the other

  • Keith Starkey

    Way to go! Love it!

  • Glad you liked them! I searched for quite a while to find 3 that worked together

  • Jared Lawson

    Short and to the point, but good share for photography videos – thanks for sharing California Wedding Photographer

  • Belinda K.

    Thank you SO much 😉

  • lamard

    “As the title eludes to” means that the title escapes from the subject. To allude would be to imply…not nitpicking but just trying to understand what you meant.

  • JVodicka Photography

    Great videos, quite inspiring!

  • Joe Schmitt

    Excellent! Thank you very much!

  • aubrey

    thank you alot,this is a great idea

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