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11 Best iPhone Tripods (in 2023)

the best iPhone tripods

What is the best iPhone tripod? What tripod should you choose for iPhone group portraits, long exposures, landscapes, and more?

If you’re struggling to choose the perfect iPhone tripod, you’re not alone. There are so many options to evaluate, including models designed to fit just about every photography style and budget – which is where this article comes in handy.

Below, I reveal my favorite tripods for iPhone photography; by the time you finish reading, you’ll know which tripod to buy, no matter your style, methods, and budget. Note that, since it’s almost impossible to find one tripod that meets the needs of every photographer, options on this list are not ordered from best to worst. Every one of these iPhone tripods are great in their own ways.

The tripods featured below run the gamut in terms of price, and it’s important to realize that the old you get what you pay for adage doesn’t hold a lot of weight when choosing an iPhone tripod. Some of these products are very inexpensive and still do a great job – but that doesn’t mean the more costly options are a waste of money. It’s all about finding the right gear to suit your style and photographic preferences!

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 scenic lake vista
In order to get this shot, I needed a mobile phone tripod that was small, portable, and sturdy.

1. JOBY GripTight ONE GorillaPod Stand

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 JOBY GripTight ONE GorillaPod Stand

If I had to recommend a single iPhone tripod that’s great for nearly everyone, it’d be the GripTight ONE GorillaPod. It’s small, flexible, versatile, and able to handle a variety of different shooting conditions.

It’s also very inexpensive, so it’s a great option if you aren’t yet sure what you’re hoping to shoot and are looking to grab an all-around solid model. The GorillaPod isn’t very tall and doesn’t hold up under a lot of weight, but for many smartphone photographers, that won’t matter.

JOBY has been making flexible, inexpensive tripods for years, and all that expertise is put to good use here. This tripod has JOBY’s signature GorillaPod legs, which can twist and bend into almost any configuration. You can attach the tripod to nearly anything: tree limbs, fence posts, you name it. Or you can set it on top of a table or other flat surface. It comes with a mount that fits most smartphones and a ball head that can be twisted in every direction.


  • Small size makes it great for travelers
  • Adjustable legs can be contorted into almost any position
  • Built-in ball head makes it easy to adjust your phone angle


  • Small size is a disadvantage if you need to shoot pictures from eye level
  • Leg joints can deteriorate over time and wear out with constant use

2. Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum Tripod

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 Manfrotto Compact Action Aluminum Tripod

In many ways, the Manfrotto Compact Action is the opposite of the JOBY GripTight. It’s large, tall, and not suited to a huge variety of conditions – but it boasts greater reach and more stability than smaller options can offer. It has all the features of a truly professional tripod at a price that won’t break the bank, and it’s a solid option for iPhone photographers who don’t mind a little extra bulk in their camera bag.

Despite the name, this tripod is anything but compact. However, it is lightweight and travels easily. The pistol-grip ball head is super simple to adjust, which means you can quickly position your iPhone to get the shot you want.

Manfrotto sells this tripod with and without their red-and-black Universal Smartphone Mount, though if you are getting it to shoot with your iPhone, I recommend grabbing the bundle that includes the Mount.


  • Inexpensive compared to other options
  • Fairly lightweight; easy for travelers to carry around
  • Unique pistol-grip ball head is easy to use


  • Build quality isn’t as great as some of its peers
  • Requires a smartphone adapter, though it is often sold in a bundle that includes it
  • Not as rock solid as other options when fully extended

3. Benro Tabletop Tripod & Selfie Stick for Smartphones

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 Benro Tabletop Tripod & Selfie Stick for Smartphones

Love ’em or hate ’em, selfie sticks are here to stay. While some people think they look a little odd, they do serve a practical purpose and satisfy a need for many people. This Benro tripod combines the features of a selfie stick with a traditional mobile phone tripod, and the result is an inexpensive, jack-of-all-trades device that’s perfect for iPhone shooters looking for versatility and who don’t want to purchase many individual pieces of gear.

At first glance, this tripod doesn’t seem like anything special. Its small size and unassuming appearance make it somewhat indistinguishable from other iPhone tripods, and it certainly won’t win any design awards. But what makes this Benro an ideal option for many photographers is the extending middle column and the shutter button built into the tripod legs. In other words, you can use it as a tripod and a selfie stick, effectively eliminating one piece of gear from your camera kit.

It’s the perfect choice for photographers who like to travel with other people and who enjoy taking selfies or group photos along with smartphone landscapes and time-lapse images.


  • Inexpensive, which puts it within easy reach of many casual photographers
  • Selfie-stick functionality makes this tripod highly versatile
  • The tripod is small, but the extending center column increases its overall versatility


  • Build quality is decent but not extremely impressive
  • Overall stability is somewhat lackluster with the center column fully extended
  • A bit larger than standard selfie sticks

4. Peak Design Mobile Smartphone Tripod

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 Peak Design Mobile Smartphone Tripod

On one hand, the Peak Design Mobile Smartphone tripod doesn’t really do anything that other options don’t already accomplish; many would argue that it’s not especially versatile or flexible, and it costs twice as much as the JOBY and Benro options on this list. However, the genius of this tripod is that it’s always attached to your phone – and as a result, it’s by far the most portable option we can recommend. And that can make all the difference for iPhone photographers.

While other tripods are big and bulky, the Peak Design tripod folds up smaller than a deck of cards. And once you attach it to your smartphone case with the Peak Design Universal Adapter (or with a Peak Design Smartphone Case, which has the adapter built in) you can slip the setup into your pocket and forget you even have it with you.

The three diminutive legs fold out to hold your iPhone in either portrait or landscape orientation, and the tripod has a tiny (even cute) ball head that lets you position your mobile phone just how you want it. Despite this tripod’s limitations, it deserves serious consideration by every iPhone photographer.


  • Incredibly small; you can easily forget you have it attached to your mobile phone.
  • Great for people who use their phones for video calls as much as photography and videography
  • Excellent build quality


  • Surprisingly expensive
  • Requires a Peak Design case or adapter, which is sold separately
  • Not nearly as versatile as most other tripods

5. SmallRig Tabletop

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 SmallRig Tabletop

Why recommend the SmallRig Tabletop, a tripod that’s similar in size to the JOBY or Benro but not as flexible? This tripod is different than the rest; instead of trying to do many things, it does one thing really well: It sits on a flat surface and holds your phone steady. That’s it. And for many photographers, that’s enough.

Not only is this pint-sized tripod sturdy and well made, it includes a locking ball head that is suitable for a lot more than mobile phones. It can even perform double duty as a tripod for your DSLR or mirrorless camera, something the Peak Design Mobile Smartphone tripod is simply incapable of doing.

Like the Manfrotto Compact Tripod, the SmallRig Tabletop can be found with and without a mobile phone adapter, so if you want to use it with your iPhone, make sure you grab that essential piece of hardware.


  • Great build quality; designed to stand up to lots of wear and tear
  • Ball head is fully adjustable and lockable to ensure stability
  • Mounting plate makes it easy to attach and remove a mobile phone or camera


  • Small size is not well suited for some types of photography
  • Requires an adapter to hold a mobile phone
  • More expensive than some of its similarly sized counterparts

6. UBeesize Tripod S

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 UBeesize Tripod S

In some ways, the UBeesize Tripod S is eerily similar to the JOBY, but while the two do share some characteristics, there are important differences to consider. This tripod’s legs are able to bend and contort in almost any direction you can think of, which means it can be mounted on fence posts and tree limbs, JOBY style. However, the UBeesize has a more versatile ball head that offers a bit more freedom, which can be a big benefit for particularly picky photographers.

The legs on the UBeesize Tripod S are fully enclosed, which means you’re less likely to get dust and dirt in the joints. This might not seem like a huge deal, but I own several JOBY tripods, and over time this buildup can cause problems with functionality and overall durability. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it is an area in which the UBeesize has a leg up. This small, inexpensive tripod is easy to toss in a bag or backpack, and it can help you get the shot in situations when other tripods fail.


  • Legs can be contorted and repositioned for maximum flexibility
  • Sealed joints in the legs make the UBeesize more weather resistant than some other options
  • Included wireless remote makes this great for selfies


  • Mobile phone clamp is not as durable as other options
  • While you can use the tripod with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, the legs can’t support the weight of heavy cameras and lenses

7. JOBY GripTight PRO TelePod

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 JOBY GripTight PRO TelePod

This inauspicious little tripod from JOBY may seem quite unremarkable: Its legs don’t twist and bend like some of its siblings, and it doesn’t have much visual flair. But take a second look, and you’ll notice several tricks hidden up the JOBY GripTight Pro’s sleeve that firmly cement its place on this list of best iPhone tripods.

For one, unlike most other options, this tripod has a middle column that extends to nearly three feet, giving you a level of versatility that shorter tripods simply can’t match. Then there’s the remarkably flexible mounting head, capable of holding your phone at nearly any angle or orientation you can possibly think of. And the GripTight Pro includes a button to let you take selfies or even activate recording on an action camera. The price of this tripod puts it out of reach for lots of casual iPhone photographers, but for more serious snappers and vloggers, it may be the perfect option.

Finally, the legs are sturdy, but they’re not strong enough to keep your iPhone steady in windy conditions (when the middle column is extended). To my mind, that’s not really a dealbreaker – just something to keep in mind to help you manage expectations.


  • Very compact when folded up
  • Center column extends high, increasing its overall versatility
  • Durable construction stands up to use and wear over time


  • Similar features to other tripods, but much more expensive
  • Not exceptionally stable with center column raised

8. MeFOTO BackPacker Travel Tripod

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 MeFOTO BackPacker Travel Tripod

Some might take issue with the MeFOTO BackPacker because it’s not specifically geared toward mobile phones, but that actually gives it several key advantages over its more compact brethren, plus it still maintains important elements that make it ideal for iPhone photography. With all the legs folded, it’s relatively small – not diminutive like the Peak Design tripod listed above, but much smaller than most normal tripods. It’s easy to stow in a backpack or a travel bag, especially if you aren’t carrying along a heavy DSLR or mirrorless camera and several accompanying lenses.

The MeFOTO BackPacker includes a sturdy, versatile ball head and legs that can be locked in several different positions. When fully extended, it towers over every other option on this list and lets you shoot iPhone photos at nearly the same height as most people’s eye level. You will need to purchase a separate mobile-phone adapter, which is a bit of a downside, but they’re relatively inexpensive. If you want a tripod that can accommodate nearly every possible iPhone photography situation and also stand up to weather and dust, this is the one to buy.


  • Very durable metal construction can handle years of daily use
  • Legs can be locked in many different positions
  • Very tall with legs and center column fully extended


  • Quite expensive; not a great option for casual iPhone photographers
  • Requires separate adapter for use with mobile phones
  • Not as small as others on this list

9. K&M 3-Section Tripod Smartphone Stand

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 K&M 3-Section Tripod Smartphone Stand

The K&M 3-section tripod combines the height of the MeFOTO BackPacker with the lightweight quality of smaller tripods, and the result is a great option for iPhone photographers who want a simple, relatively portable solution that doesn’t cost too much money. And it’s specifically designed for mobile phones, so you don’t have to get a separate adapter. While the K&M tripod doesn’t have a traditional ball head, the swivel mount is quite flexible and allows you to put your iPhone in almost any position you can imagine.

K&M has a history of creating quality gear for musicians such as music stands and mic stands, and this mobile tripod builds on that expertise. The wide leg base offers incredible stability, and it’s light enough to take on a trip or nature excursion. The tripod doesn’t win points for overall compactness, and some photographers will prefer an actual ball head that can be locked in place or easily rotated or swiveled – but despite those limitations, it’s a great choice for photographers who value build quality and stability, and who also want the flexibility to shoot photos high off the ground.


  • Strikes a great balance between height, weight, and price
  • Wide leg base makes it far more stable than some of its peers


  • Some might prefer a more traditional ball head
  • Legs fold out instead of extending
  • Not as small as other tripods when folded up

10. Zhiyun-Tech Smooth 5 Smartphone Gimbal Combo Kit

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-5 Smartphone Gimbal Combo Kit

The Zhiyun-Tech Smooth 5 might seem like an odd choice to include on a list of the best iPhone tripods, but there’s a good reason to feature it alongside its peers. You see, this tripod is a two-in-one product that offers great solutions for both photos and videos in a single device. It’s primarily a handheld gimbal for ultra-smooth video, but – in a bit of a twist reminiscent of the Transformers toys – three little legs fold out to give you a stable surface when you need to take videos or photos without holding your phone in your hand.

It’s important to set expectations with this device. When viewing it purely as a tripod, its shortcomings quickly become apparent, as it contains virtually none of the features or flexibility offered by the Benro, JOBY, Peak Design, etc. But treating this product as a single-purpose tool kind of misses the point. The benefit of this Zhiyun-Tech option is that it’s much more than just a tripod. Having the ability to use a single device to take photos and record stabilized video is amazing, and it certainly deserves serious consideration by anyone who is into iPhone photography.


  • Excellent solution for people who shoot videos and photos
  • Video stabilization is very good, especially for the price
  • Variety of built-in buttons offer many options for manual controls


  • Legs are quite small, which limits the overall usefulness as a tripod
  • Not suitable for people who only shoot photos

11. Oben ASPTA-20 Smartphone Tripod Adapter

11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 Oben ASPTA-20 Smartphone Tripod Adapter

This humble little item is a tripod adapter, not a tripod, but it does deserve its place on this list. In essence, the Oben APSTA-20 Smartphone Tripod Adapter answers the question of “Which is the best tripod for iPhone photography” with a rather practical reply: “The one you already own.” Many photographers already possess a perfectly good tripod, and – once you have this adapter – you don’t need to buy another one just to take photos with your iPhone.

Online sellers are flooded with adapters like this one, but the Oben has features that set it apart from the rest and that justify its $25 price tag. The Oben’s solid metal construction, durable rotating mobile phone clamp, and Arca-style mounting plate give it a durability and versatility that are entirely missing on most other iPhone tripods. I have spent less money on similar adapters only to have them break at the most inopportune times, so the build quality of this one makes it well worth the price.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Can be attached to almost any standard tripod
  • Swiveling feature makes repositioning your iPhone simple and intuitive


  • More expensive than other mobile phone mounts
  • Useless on its own without a tripod
11 Best iPhone Tripods in 2022 rural road

The best iPhone tripods: final words

With so many great options available, it’s difficult to identify one best iPhone tripod. Each of these options could be described as the best at what it does, which means it just might be perfect for you. Whether you want something small and portable, large and sturdy, or anywhere in between, there is a tripod out there that is right for your needs. The difficult part is separating the wheat from the chaff, and hopefully this list helps point you in the right direction.

Of course, the most important factor in this equation is you. Before you pick a tripod, think about your own sense of creativity and your photographic vision. Once you know the kind of photos you want to take, come back to this list and find the iPhone tripod that will help you get the shots you want.

Do I need a tripod for my iPhone?

There are many circumstances in which you do not need a tripod to take pictures with your iPhone or other mobile phone. But sometimes there’s no other way to get the shot you want. Tripods aren’t a necessity for iPhone photos, but they can be hugely helpful depending on the pictures you have in mind.

Are expensive tripods better than cheap tripods?

While you can get a better-quality tripod by spending more money, inexpensive options often work just as well. If you are shooting in extreme conditions or need a tripod that stands up to endless abuse, you may want to pay more for a tripod that will last longer and be better suited to your needs. Cheap options are often fine for most photographers, however, and if you break or lose it, it’s not a big deal.

Can I use an iPhone tripod with an Android phone?

Absolutely! Each of these tripods works great no matter what kind of phone you have, though some – like the Peak Design tripod – might require an adapter.

How tall should an iPhone tripod be?

That depends on your goals for your iPhone photos. If you value photographic versatility above all else, then look for a tripod that extends to at least 32″ tall. However, many iPhone tripods are 12″ tall or less. That might seem like a big limitation, but if portability is important to you, such a tripod is probably the way to go.

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