Facebook Pixel The dPS At-Home 7-Day Photography Challenge – Week Two

The dPS At-Home 7-Day Photography Challenge – Week Two

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As many of us around the world are continuing self-isolation, and social distancing (whoever thought that would be a thing?) due to the C-word, we thought we’d make it a little less boring and stressful and give you (and us) an “At-Home, 7-Day Photography Challenge.”

This is week two of the challenge (you can see week one here, and still do those challenges, as there is no deadlines on any of these).

These are all things you can try in and around your home.

As always, we would love to see your results in the comments section. That way, we can connect and share, and keep ourselves occupied with something positive and creative!

At-Home, 7-Day Photography Challenge – Week Two

Day 1

This one will be a lot of fun, and you get some interesting effects! Creative Water Photography – A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Water Monsters

Day 2

This one How to do High-Speed Photography – the Fundamentals

Day 3

Okay, so this one can also apply to any of your furry friends that you are self-isolating with. We’d love to see you take some photos of your pet and share them with us! Who doesn’t like a cute pic of a cat, dog, or hamster? Tips and Tricks for Photographing Your Own Dog

Day 4

So this next one gets you onto the computer for some fun creative editing. How to do Creative Photography Montages with a Contact Sheet Template in Photoshop

Day 5

Another one on the computer for more creative editing. How to Add a Toy Camera Effect to Your Digital Images Using Photoshop

Day 6

Want to learn how to create a cyanotype in Photoshop? Try this one. How to Mimic a Digital Cyanotype Using Photoshop with Ease

Day 7

You can try this one with someone in your household, or do them as self-portraits. Whichever way you decide to go, it has some interesting effects. Dragging the Shutter for Creative Portraits

Have fun! And share them with us in the comments section either on this page or the page of the challenge article.

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Caz Nowaczyk

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