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Another way to install actions in PSE8

I’m new to actions for Photoshop and I’m aware that there are a couple ways to install and execute them. When I got my first actions set from Florabella,

sf-PSE10tips05I was insane with excitement which was quickly deflated when I simply couldn’t get them to show up in PSE8’s action player on a Mac. There are easy instructions for installing on a PC, but even the Adobe people themselves don’t have instructions on their help site for installing them on a Mac. Come to find, there are lots of people experiencing this same problem. There are lots of questions out there on the forums, but no answers so in true DPS style, look no further because I think I’ve got the answer you’re looking for.

If you searched for ‘how to install actions in PSE8’ you probably came up with this from the Texas Chicks. I did it their way and it didn’t work. The actions didn’t show up in the actions player after restarting PSE. Then I tried the Coffee Shop way and it still didn’t work.

If you’re like me and you’ve been there done that, then try this. Don’t be fooled by Adobe’s help site on how to install the actions because they say these are the PC instructions, but it turns out they’re for Mac as well. Drag the actions into:

macintosh hd —> library —> application support —> adobe —> photoshop elements —> 8.0 —> locale —> en_us —> workflow panels —> actions

Restart PS and they should be there!

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