Facebook Pixel 20 Airborne Images of Objects in Flight

20 Airborne Images of Objects in Flight

There are many things that take to the air in flight. Humans need a device like a plane or glider, whereas other creatures take off on their own steam.

Flying things can be hard to photograph. Photographers have to make choices to freeze their motion or create a blur. Let’s see how these 20 photographers decided to photograph these flying objects.

Aleksander Markin. ????????? ??????

By Aleksander Markin. ????????? ??????

Jim McCulloch

By Jim McCulloch

Gianluca Micheletti

By Gianluca Micheletti

Steve Corey

By Steve Corey

Victoria Nevland

By Victoria Nevland

Howard Ignatius

By Howard Ignatius

RejeanJ Deschenes

By RejeanJ Deschenes

Steve Corey

By Steve Corey

Aleksander Markin. ????????? ??????

By Aleksander Markin. ????????? ??????

Darlene Hildebrandt

By Darlene Hildebrandt

Cat Burton

By Cat Burton

Stan Lupo

By Stan Lupo

Andy Morffew

By Andy Morffew


By jblaha

Michael Jefferies

By Michael Jefferies

Nicolas Raymond

By Nicolas Raymond


By Farrukh

Pat Gaines

By Pat Gaines




By darkday

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