Facebook Pixel Adobe Announces New Lightroom CC - What Features are You Most Excited About?

Adobe Announces New Lightroom CC – What Features are You Most Excited About?

Lightroom CC

Well yesterday Adobe pulled the trigger on the much anticipated release of the new Lightroom 6, which is actually called Lightroom CC (part of the Creative Cloud). It will still be available as a stand alone product but many people, myself included were eagerly downloading the new version as soon as it was available.

We’ll have one of our writers doing a more involved look at the new features soon but I wanted to see what you are most interested in with this new version.


New Photo Merge feature in LR CC

What features were on your LR wish list?

So tell me in the comments below – what things were you hoping Adobe would build into this incarnation of Lightroom? Did you get all the features you wanted? What’s still missing in your opinion?

Was there anything you wanted removed?

What new features are you most fired up about?

In watching some of the live broadcast of the announcement I picked up on a few of the new features and was eager to try them out, most of all the Merge to HDR (Pano also available). It takes your bracketed shots which you previously had to take to either Photoshop or another plugin to work with – and now Lightroom merges them into a gorgeous 32-bit file which comes back in as a DNG no less! So you have all the editing power of a 32-bit file at your fingertips without every leaving Lightroom CC – I’m sold!

I ran a couple sets through the HDR to test it. Was pretty impressive and super easy. I’ll have to dig into it more later.

LR-CC-02 LR-CC-01

Previously on the set of images above I had to mask the sky back in – but using LR local adjustments and the new HDR Merge I was pretty happy with the result which took about three minutes.

Some of the new features I’m excited about and keen to try are:

  • The Merge feature (to Pano and HDR – it even handles alignment, auto tone and deghosting)
  • Add to Collection on import
  • Filter in Collections (search)
  • Enhanced video slideshows (I use it now for easy shows, this looks like it can make them look better now too)
  • Auto-straighten on the crop tool
  • New finer control using the graduated filter and radial filter. You can now brush out, or mask (hide) part of it to bring back buildings, trees and areas you do not want affected by the filter. Brilliant!

See a complete run down of all that’s new on the Adobe site.


New brush option on graduated filters, very slick!

How about you?

We’ll have more on the new Lightroom in the coming weeks but for now tell us what you think in the comments below.

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