Facebook Pixel A Set of Imaginative Images to Spark Your Creativity

A Set of Imaginative Images to Spark Your Creativity

This week’s theme seems to be all about sparking up the fires of creativity. A few articles this week have touched on this theme including:

So I dug around 500px and Flickr for some super creative and inspiring images to spur you into action. Enjoy!

NOTICE from the editor

Please practice full precautions and safety measures if you plan on attempting fire spinning. I have done it and can tell you the steel wool molten, burning bits fly a long way! Read up on this technique before you go to it or risk setting something on fire or burning yourself. This is real molten (melted) steel, do not mess around it is dangerous.

Editor’s note: Renee is a personal friend of mine, in fact she took my own headshot! Her work is amazing. Most of them are composites of several images, and hours spent in Photoshop. The one above “Wishmaster” is a self-portrait. I couldn’t do a collection on creative images without including some of her work. I don’t have it in me to create this kind of photography, but it sure is fun to admire.

Photograph Ground Perspective II by Vadim Za on 500pxGround Perspective II by Vadim Za on 500px

Image: By Victor1558

By Victor1558

Image: By Andrea

By Andrea

Image: By ?ethan

By ?ethan

Image: By Tc Morgan

By Tc Morgan

Image: By Julian Evil

By Julian Evil

Image: By Victor1558

By Victor1558

Image: By Adrien Sifre

By Adrien Sifre

Image: By Zach Stern

By Zach Stern

Image: By Kenny Louie

By Kenny Louie

Image: By Bjørn Giesenbauer

By Bjørn Giesenbauer

Image: By greg westfall

By greg westfall

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