Facebook Pixel A Collection of Photos of Natures Smallest Creatures - it's a Bug's Life

A Collection of Photos of Nature’s Smallest Creatures – it’s a Bug’s Life

In the last two weeks we’ve look at the flora and some full on stunning landscapes. Now it’s time for some fauna, but focused in a little closer on some of its smaller members, photos of nature’s smallest critters. The insects!

There would be no flowers without the bees and insects to pollenate. So today we pay homage to our little buddies that work so hard. I bring you:

It’s a Bug’s Life

Image: By Pablo Fernández

By Pablo Fernández

Image: By ????????? ????????

By ????????? ????????

Image: By Prabhu B Doss

By Prabhu B Doss

Image: By Adam Foster

By Adam Foster

Image: By Laurenz Bobke

By Laurenz Bobke

Image: By Viola’s visions ????

By Viola’s visions ????

Image: By nutmeg66

By nutmeg66

Image: By Alexey Kljatov

By Alexey Kljatov

Image: By Bùi Linh Ngân

By Bùi Linh Ngân

Image: By nutmeg66

By nutmeg66

Image: By Alexey Kljatov

By Alexey Kljatov

Image: By Reinhold Stansich

By Reinhold Stansich

Image: By Vinoth Chandar

By Vinoth Chandar

Image: By Stuart Williams

By Stuart Williams

Image: By Ferdi De gier

By Ferdi De gier

Image: By Stavros Markopoulos

By Stavros Markopoulos

Image: By Don Sutherland

By Don Sutherland

Image: By nutmeg66

By nutmeg66

Image: By Lutz Koch

By Lutz Koch

Image: By Jon McGovern

By Jon McGovern

Image: By Matt Reinbold

By Matt Reinbold

Image: By Alx Murray

By Alx Murray

Image: By Harald Hoyer

By Harald Hoyer

Image: By Taylor McBride

By Taylor McBride

Image: By Bart van Dorp

By Bart van Dorp

Image: By Ray Dumas

By Ray Dumas

Image: By Bernat Casero

By Bernat Casero

Image: By quas

By quas

Image: By Phil

By Phil

Image: By Maki_C30D

By Maki_C30D

Image: By Lisa Brown

By Lisa Brown

Image: By matt knoth

By matt knoth

Image: By casch52

By casch52

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