A Collection of Pathway and Roadway Photos to Lead You

A Collection of Pathway and Roadway Photos to Lead You


As I’ve been on the road for a couple weeks now I’ve seen more than a share of roads recently. So I thought I’d find some pathway and roadway photos to lead you on – hopefully to get out and do some of your own photography.

Enjoy the journey down these highways and byways!

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Darlene Hildebrandt is an educator who teaches aspiring amateurs and hobbyists how to improve their skills through articles on her site Digital Photo Mentor, online photography classes, and travel tours to exotic places like Morocco and India. To help you at whatever level you're at she has two email mini-courses. Sign up for her free beginner OR portrait photography email mini-course here. Or get both, no charge!

  • Guest

    On the beam, by Steve Coleman

  • Feenix
  • Terry Straehley


  • Nibir


  • Dave J

    Taken in Mission Viejo California

  • Got these shots in the car last week.

  • Steve Koshlap

    The more I see HDR, or over the top post processing, the less I like it. What happened to just good, interesting, well composed and exposed images? Why does everything have to be make-your-head-explode saturated and sharpened overkill?

  • Sandra

    Agreed Steve, nothing beats a good unadulterated honest photo with no silly games involved!!

  • sahasrangshu

    Path to Morning, by Sahasrangshu

  • sahasrangshu

    i hope you will like mine.

  • walwit

    I think every style has a place. For me is like women: they get more pretty when enhance what they have and interesting when they add what don’t have, but the most beautifully of them all is she who doesn’t feel the need to add anything to her body and personality.

  • Don Schwartz
  • Cheryl Garrity


    What a wonderful collection of photographs! 500px has wonderful. I would be so pleased to create a photograph good enough to be on that site. I have
    recently enjoyed the collections you have made of photos from there.

    I looked back at my work to see what I could find including roads or paths. It was a very humbling experience, but it gives me something to aspire to. It is also an educational tool. I usually try to use a link to some of my work, but in the situation, I have nothing worthy of sharing.Thanks,


  • Don Schwartz

    Thanks for sharing these great photos. I have one other to share from the Palouse.


  • allen robertson

    I don’t know, I guess they are nice photos but I feel like I’ve seen these types of photos a thousand times. Maybe I’m just tired of nature photography and I need to move in another direction. I’m thinking more artistic expression is what I need.
    Also I thought this site was a school site. I see no instruction from this post at all. I guess we are all supposed to be so inspired by the photos that we sign up for her class. So really this is an advertisement.

  • Linda Knox
  • Ste Oppenheim

    What sort of lens and settings would be used in the night shot (second from bottom – man with his dog)? I’m guessing a tripod would be essential for such a low-lit shot?

  • drdroad

    Don, this is super!

  • drdroad

    Darlene, now that we’re past the ‘oh my god, i hate hdr photos’ (people need to go outside and see how nature really looks), gotta say I don’t think much of the tilted ice trees, but LOVE the long exposures.

  • drdroad

    Darlene, one of the best collections so far. Envy you, right behind taking photos would be looking for great photos, and getting paid for it! Love the long exposures, not thrilled with the leaning ice trees. Ignore the complaints about properly saturated photos!

  • PPL

    What a great series ! here’s one of mine at blue hour, I stopped to get some shotw with the moon.

  • PPL

    I think I could take it handheld, but would go to the higher ISO ranges of my camera. There is enough light from the lamppost to create silhouettes.

  • Wayne Kopanski

    Alley of rooms at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait.

  • John Gauntt

    I called it NARROW IS THE WAY, or did someone say PATH LESS TRAVELED ?

  • Guest

    lots of great images here, very inspiring. Here’s one from my latest trip.

  • J.J.Carson

    Keeping it simple.JJC

  • Stephen Jamieson


    Dark Hedges inIreland, taken last summer.

  • Stephen Jamieson


    A mountain hike path in Korea.

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