A Collection of Golden Images for Your Viewing Pleasure


It’s that time again for me to find some great images for you to see and get inspired by. I have to say that this is one of my favorite parts of this role as Editor as I get to troll through dozens of outstanding images to curate the best for you. Really, it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it, right?!

Without further ado, here is a set of golden images for you to enjoy. I’ll leave the “golden” part open for your interpretation.

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  • I call this “Golden Child”. It is from downtown Clarksville’s children fountain. I have a few of this fountain as there are many children playing all over it. I am waiting to go back during golden hour to reshoot before I post it officially.

  • Bob Schwabik

    Golden morning – Meritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

  • JianHoo She

    Sunset lady at Tioman Island, Malaysia

  • I took this shot in an Airport of all places, but then it was Dubai. http://jason.bennee.com/blog/tag/gold/

  • Guest

    Inspiring stuff thank you. I took this shot in an airport of all places, but then it was Dubai.


  • Tammy M

    Coneflower in the morning.

  • great hair flipping shot!

  • Guest

    Guru Padmasambhava at Samdruptse – south sikkim, India

  • Frank/LHV

    Golden Sunrise – Bashakill WIldlife Management Area, Wurtsboro NY

  • SueDL

    Making golden chinese cakes

  • drdroad

    I found this really old golden house. Roof issues.

  • Tatum Lynn Soullier

    Golden Sky of the Great Smoky mountins

  • Vicki

    What a co-incidence. I only posted a selection of Shades of Gold (well, yellow and gold actually) on my Nature Blog a week ago at http://vickialfordnatureblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/shades-of-gold/

  • grandpachip 1


  • ck3373

    Fire crackers

  • Guest

    Sunrise at Cayo Guillermo

  • kevin tuft

    Sunrise at Cayo Guillermo, Cuba

  • Guest

    Lord Ganesha, Pune, India!

  • Lord Ganesha, Pune, India

  • Guest

    Sunset in Istambul

  • Abiram Kannan

    Sunset in Agra,India

  • JohalRajpreet

    Yellow orange morning flower at punjab , india

  • My first try of macro a year back. I like to call it Dancing Dandy.

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