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9 Photography Ideas to Fuel Your Photographic Journey

A Guest Post by Sergey Sus/

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1. Take an Overnight Photography Trip

Overnight trips with other photographers make for a great time to talk and explore photography techniques.

2. Write a How to Photography Tutorial

Writing a tutorial is the best test of how well you understand a topic. To start, pick something you feel you know really well.

3. Take Photowalk With a Group

Taking a walk with a camera is a great advice, yet taking a walk with other photographers is better advice.

Ideas 2

4. Create or Update Your Portfolio Website

A website is still the best way to display and curate your work. If you don’t have a site or portfolio – make one as cultivating your work in a single place keeps it organized.

5. Assign Yourself Photography Projects

Use a project to fuel creativity and try new concepts. For example take photographs at 1/15 shutter speed or shooting a single color only, letters of alphabet etcÖ

Ideas 3

6. Become a Subject of a Photographer

Becoming a subject of another photographer and doing some posing will put you on the other side of the camera. Give it a try even if you are a landscape photographer.

Ideas 4

7. Reverse Photography Rules

Once you know the rules – take opportunities to break them! Yes, shoot the opposite of what the rules says to do.

8. Take a Photography Workshop

There are so many workshops and so many topics – there must be a reason. Workshops are not only for beginners they are for all skill levels. I take them to improve in marketing, writing and photography.

9. Re Edit your Older Photographs

Look through photos taken some time ago. I bet that you will find some forgotten gems. Take some of the older photographs and try processing them again.

Sergey Sus is a Los Angeles based photographer telling telling real stories, individual, professional and family. Problem solver, artist and teacher. His work can be found on http://www.sergeys.us/.

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