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8 Tips for SkateBoard Shooting

Want to get creative with some of the most unique and independent artists on the street? Hit the pavement and make some friends with the skateboard community.


1. Capture Motion [Shutter Speed Priority]

What makes for the greatest shots of skateboarding? Ones that capture motion, movement, frozen moments in time. For this purpose, you will want to shoot on Shutter Speed priority, so your camera will designate the appropriate aperture settings for a proper exposure. Remember your shutter speed will need to be set according to how fast your subject is moving, but start at a general 1/250fps.

2. Set for multiple shots

Speed and motion will go hand in hand with skateboard shots. Just miliseconds can separate a bad action shot from a fantastic one. For this reason, set your camera for multiple exposures and shoot in bursts to capture that perfect shot.

3. Understand the Culture

Skateboarders consider themselves to be athletes and gravity defying artists. The best kind of action shots of skateboarders are the ones that best describe this culture.

4. Be unconventional

Don’t take shots that are straight on, flat, or typical. Identify yourself with the mindset of the Skateboarders and try new things that have not been achieved before.To accomplish this, use a variety of angles, depth, and motion to achieve the perfect shot.

5. Go for “Air”

Anticipate the moments when your skateboarders will take air. Take a shot before, during, and after he or she is “airborn” to get a crisp and in-focus shot.

6. Try for “Urban Grunge”

Arrange your elements to be a sort of organzied chaos. Set the scene by incorporating the surrounding buildings, concrete, etc. Skateboarders defy the laws of nature, so create images that have attitude, are gritty, and strong.

7. Use unique angles

Shoot from the ground up, or from above depending on what you want to achieve in the end shot. Take shots from around curves, beneath the pipes, standing on benches, etc. Whatever you can do to take your shots from a “new” angle, do.

8. Work with the Skateboarders

As creatives themselves, skateboarders have a variety of ideas for shots themselves. If you are just looking for practice, or are interested in making new friends, spend some time with the skateboarders. You may find that getting the perfect shot becomes secondary to reaching out to another group of really cool people.

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Christina N Dickson
Christina N Dickson

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