Facebook Pixel 8 Important Composition Tips for Better Photos (video)

8 Important Composition Tips for Better Photos (video)

In this video from Jamie Windsor, he explores composition tips for better photos.

As Jamie states in his video, sometimes a new photographer can be overwhelmed by all the so-called “rules” of photography. Those, such as the rule of thirds, Fibonacci spiral, and the phi grid. Jamie breaks it down for you, using some classic images by renowned photographers, such as Annie Leibovitz, Sally Mann, Steve McCurry, and Bruce Gilden as examples. While this helps to visualize the points that he is making, it is also great to see many of these fantastic images.

  1. Get your position right
  2. Use your phone to practice composition
  3. Beware the Rule of Thirds
  4. Squint or blur your eyes
  5. Think conceptually as well as aesthetically
  6. Keep it simple
  7. Keep the edges clean
  8. Work in post-processing

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Caz Nowaczyk

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