Facebook Pixel 77% of dPS Readers Take A Camera Everywhere [POLL Results]

77% of dPS Readers Take A Camera Everywhere [POLL Results]

Last month we asked readers whether they took their camera with them everywhere in a poll. The results are in!

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If you include the camera in your phone… 77% of the almost 20,000 people who responded take a camera with them everywhere.

What I find interesting is that we ran this exact same poll in January 2009 so we can track how things have changed over the last 4 years among our readers. Here are the 2009 results (the results were from around 18,000 readers at that time).

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While the changes have only been subtle there are a few interesting observations to make.

Firstly – more people are relying upon the cameras in their phones to capture their everyday events. This is no wonder – back in 2009 the iPhone had been out for a couple of years but since then the camera in iPhone (and other phones) have improved significantly (in fact a segment of our readership ONLY use camera phones).

Secondly the rise in camera phone use has come at the expense of compact camera solutions and those who only took cameras on special occasions.

What surprised me most was the slight rise in those taking DSLRS everywhere because there’s been such a push of late from camera manufacturers to improve their offerings in the compact camera space.

How have your camera usage habits chanced in the last 4 years?

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