Facebook Pixel 7,000 Free Photography Tutorials - Here's our Best 20!

7,000 Free Photography Tutorials – Here’s our Best 20!

This week on dPS we published our 7,000th post here on the Digital Photography School blog.

7000 photography tutorials

I started this site back in April 2006 because my friends – who had all just bought new DSLRs – kept asking me the same questions about how to use their new gear to its potential.

Instead of answering them one by one I decided to write down my answers on a blog – not really knowing that 11 years later I’d have created a resource that:

The mind boggles a little at the crazy journey we’ve had here at dPS and we’re excited about the future.

To celebrate the milestone today I thought it’d be fun to dig into our analytics and take a look at which posts got the most traffic. As I looked over the list I realised many are deep in our archives and may not have been seen by our newer readers and so I thought it’d be useful to some of you to list them here.

Each of these most popular 15 posts has been read by millions of people since they were published. Some were published quite a few years ago but most have been updated and are still 100% relevant today.

5 More Ultimate Guides

Over the last year we’ve been rolling out a new type of blog post – our ‘Ultimate Guides’. These are longer, deeper and more comprehensive tutorials that we offer both as a blog post but also as a free downloadable guide.

While these are not in our most popular of all time (because they’re new) we’re very proud of these guides and are excited to have plans for numerous more in the coming months.

Here are our first 5 Ultimate Photography Guides:


7,000 free blog based tutorials would not have been possible without an amazing team – particularly our editorial team led by Darlene and with over 100 writers over the 11 years. So thank you to our team.

Also a massive thank you to our readers, followers and customers. Your support helps us keep this site running and inspires us to keep creating the best tutorials we can.

If you’re new to dPS, there’s so much more to see than what I’ve listed above. Dig around in our archives and you’ll find some amazing free content. We also regularly share posts from our archives on our Facebook Page so follow us there to see more of our older posts.

Lastly, make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to get notified weekly of the 14 new articles we publish each week.

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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