Facebook Pixel 7 Tips from an Avid Photographer Traveling with Kids

7 Tips from an Avid Photographer Traveling with Kids

That’s me! I could write a book about traveling with kids in general but since you’re all photographers too, I can certainly give you a few tips about making the most of your family vacation when one of your goals is to capture some amazing images.

1. Get up early, let the rest of the family sleep in or enjoy a few cartoons before breakfast while you get the best light to go on your early morning photo walk.

2. Give your kids point and shoot cameras, get them involved in the shoot. Depending on their age, give them a theme for the day, clues to look for, objects of a specific color, etc. You’ll all have fun looking at their pictures later and you may discover a natural talent!

3. Include your children in the pictures. If you are traveling in a different culture, try to capture those candid moments instead of posing them in front of a monument. I’d rather have a picture of my son eating a croissant in a Parisian café than a picture of him posing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

4. Work fast. You can’t expect non photographers (children or adults) to wait patiently behind you to compose the perfect shot every 15 minutes during your vacation. They’re on vacation too. Set some time aside without a camera. Just family time. Memories are all that really matter!

5. Kids can be a great ice breaker when you want to do people or street photography. You are a lot less threatening to strangers if you ask permission to do a street portrait when you have a coupe of kids by your side. This will also open your children’s eyes and make them appreciate different cultures.

Image: Kids can be a great ice breaker when you do street photography. This is one of my favorite st...

Kids can be a great ice breaker when you do street photography. This is one of my favorite street images. I had a baby in a backpack carrier and a toddler by my side. You just have to work fast and not set your expectations too high.

6. If you are traveling with your children and your spouse or significant other, plan for a day just for yourself. Trade off. You get your photo day, he/she gets a fun day too when, in turn, you spend quality time with your kids.

7. Don’t set your expectations too high and be willing to make some compromise. Your kids will not be kids forever and you’ll have plenty of time to go on photo trips on your own after they move out. In the mean time, enjoy every minute, with or without a camera.

Please share your own experience in the comments!

Happy travels!

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