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7 Must-Have Maternity Shots

1.} Bump bump bump (“did you ever ride a Wump?” –Dr. Seuss) Obviously, get that bump! There are a couple must-have bump shots:

  • Hands-on-bump (don’t forget Dad and siblings if there are any!)
  • Sonogram photo is a cute one. The baby’s way of saying “hey, I’m in here!”


2.} Dad – Don’t forget that the dad is an important role in this whole thing. Seems asinine that I should even have to say that, but as a mom who’s had 3 babies, I can tell you – the dad usually gets forgotten. Take some shots which are focused just on him and the emotions he might be feeling about becoming a daddy.

The only thing I would say be careful about is doing shots with just the daddy’s hands on the bump. Just ends up looking like mom has really manly hands!


IMG_0026a3.} Full length Bump Focused – Don’t forget that there IS a face up there. Try to get some shots which are focused on the bump but also include mom’s upper half. (that’s me! –>)

4.} Relationships – It’s easy to get so carried away with the new little one on the way that we forget the relationship that makes it all happen. I do realise there isn’t always a dad who is committed in the relationship. If there isn’t (and even when there is) there are many other relationships out there involved in the life of this baby. Perhaps the mom with her mom or sisters or friends who might also be pregnant. If there are big brothers & sisters, that is an important relationship to highlight. Get shots that aren’t just centred on the bump but also on the family he/she is about to enter.

5.} POV – I’m a huge fan of experimenting with different points of view. Get a different perspective on that tummy to prevent shots from looking ‘samey’.


6.} Props – A shot incorporating a prop is always a good thing to try. This shot of me incorporates my favourite flowers and, naturally, they’re pink because I was having a girl! There are lots of ideas out there: letter blocks spelling the name, tiny shoes balancing on the bump. I love a shot I saw recently of a mom sprinkling a watering can on her belly. As photographers, we might gag a bit at the thought of another bump photo showing letter blocks, but for the mom, it’s the first time so give it a rest and just give in to the cliche once in a while.


7.} Just Mom – Be sure to get a shot just of Mom. The pregnant glow is something I wish I could hang on to forever.


I’ve been sitting here for about ten minutes just trying to think of shots  8, 9 and 10 but instead of make them up out of the clear blue sky for the sake of a nice round number, over to you! What are your must-have maternity shots?

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