Facebook Pixel 61 Amazing Kite Aerial Photography Images

61 Amazing Kite Aerial Photography Images

ZERO wind AutoKAP in Auyuituiq Park, Bafin Island

Aerial Photography is something that many people would love to be able to do but find is out of their budget. One more affordable way to go about it is to try some Kite Aerial Photography (KAP).

Hey batta batta!

The 61 images in this post are all arial shots taken by strapping a camera to a kite to elevate it. It’s not something for the faint of heart as you are putting your camera at risk but the results can be pretty amazing in the right setting.

Red Sea 1995

KAP Trial Bikes @ Portinfer

Getting up high with your camera attached to a kite gives a fresh perspective on a scene and can highlight patterns, textures and shadows that might not be evident to anyone at ground level.

Aliens go to Braccagni I - R7573

Don’t just duct tape your camera to your kite though – most serious kite aerial photographers use purpose built rigging to get their shots like these:

KAP Rig - July 2009

KAP Rig as of 5 March, 2012

There’s a heap of information on KAP online – Google it and you’ll be sure to find some great advice. Now back to some great Kite Aerial Photography images – Enjoy!

Statue of Liberty 2009


KAP of a hotel pool in Beberibe, CE, Brazil - 05

Porto de Galinhas - Verde e Amarelo.

Many Hondas!

Stone fishing in Maupiti 15 of 16

Le Mont Saint Michel (Manche-FR)


Autokap at the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa Aug 03, 2008

Coney Island Polar Bears usher in 2009

wood national cemetery


Phranang beach à Railay

kites on ice

Falcon Attacks (KAP Rig) @ The China Great Wall

Reloj de arena 2 :)

the chat

KAP of a hotel pool in Beberibe, CE, Brazil - 03

Lone Swimmer at Lido Beach, Florida

Rice terraces, Sideman, Bali

Mini golf overhead

The Secret Life of Aliens

Aliens go to Braccagni IV- R7929

Children at Baltic Beach

AutoKAP from the SV/Star Flyer


Le Mont Saint Michel (Manche-FR)

Champ de blé à Fontenailles (Calvados-FR)

Durrat al Bahrain

Ready to ride

4th of July, Jobos (img_6854+)

Playa 2

Umbrella Convention - Kite Over Avalon, NJ USA

Choice seats

strand puerto del carmen (6)

Orthogonal - R4263

Vazon Rakeart

Campus panorama

Phra Pha Daeng

KAP Trial Bikes @ Portinfer

U.S. Pond Hockey Championships

Piscine de Tipaerui

Marken, buurtschap Rozewerf

Full Crop Circle and String

Mont Saint Michel (Manche-FR)

Waves III - R5839

360° x 120° Panorama View of West Coast, Singapore

Pineda de Mar 2

The young woman and the beach

boys on the barn


Moisson à Maizières (Calvados-FR)

Falaises d'Etretat (Seine Maritime-FR)

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