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60 Google+ Photographers to Inspire You

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One thing that photographers can always benefit from is inspiration, and what better way to find inspiration than to see what other photographers are doing. In the not so distant past I used to find inspiration looking in the photography section of local bookstores or magazine racks, but now the work of tens of thousands of photographers are with in reach to see with a simple mouse click.

Google+ has proven to be an incredible fountain of inspiration as photographers from around the world have been making good use of the service. Google+ not only makes finding photographers easy through recommendations of others,  it makes for a great photography viewing experience. Compiled in this list are professional and amateurs photographers alike, many of which were brought to my attention by the thriving community of photographers on Google+.

Here are 50 photographers to inspire you and if you’d like connect with me on Google+ here (editors note: connect with dPS founder, Darren Rowse here). Enjoy!

  1. Seung Kye Lee (fine art nature)
  2. Léon Leijdekkers (fine art B&W)
  3. Guy Tal (fine art landscape)
  4. John Paul Caponigro (fine art)
  5. Tony Rath (underwater)
  6. Ryan Doco Connors (portraiture)
  7. William Burrard-Lucas (wildlife)
  8. Olivier Du Tré (fine art nature)
  9. Aaron Feinberg (fine art)
  10. Ed Leveckis (fine art & portraiture)
  11. Philippe Sainte-Laudy (fine art & nature)
  12. David Sanger (travel)
  13. Ron Niebrugge (wildlife & travel)
  14. Michael McAreavy (landscape)
  15. Craig Ferguson (travel & environment)
  16. Gary Crabbe (travel)
  17. QT Luong (nature & travel)
  18. Jim Patterson (underwater & nature)
  19. Jessy Eykendorp (nature)
  20. G Dan Mitchell (landscape & nature)
  21. Mike Cavaroc (nature & wildlife)
  22. Dan Heller (travel)
  23. Patrick Di Fruscia (fine art landscape)
  24. Trey Ratcliff (travel & hdr)
  25. Patrick Smith
  26. Brian Matiash (urban & street)
  27. Manuel Guerzoni (street)
  28. Neil McShane (Fine Art B&W)
  29. Jay Patel (landscape)
  30. Varina Patel (landscape)
  31. Peter West Carey (travel)
  32. Matt Suess (fine art & hdr)
  33. Marsel van Oosten (wildlife)
  34. Ben Locke (fine art)
  35. Rebecca Jackrel (wildlife)
  36. Michael Kern (wildlife)
  37. Inge Fernau (nature)
  38. Dixon Hamby (iphoneography)
  39. Richard Wong (travel & landscape)
  40. Matt Weber (street)
  41. Agustin Rafael Reyes (travel)
  42. Helen Sotiriadis (various)
  43. Pierre Beteille (photo art)
  44. Ryan Brenizer (wedding)
  45. Sarah R. Bloom (fine art)
  46. Daniel Sroka (fine art)
  47. Greg Schmigel (street)
  48. Star Rush (iphoneography)
  49. Chun Tong Chung (street)
  50. Mike Moats (macro)
  51. Ben Fullerton (adventure)
  52. David La Spina (travel)
  53. Vincent Favre (nature)
  54. Mihailo Radi?evi? (street)
  55. J A Mortram (environment & social documentary)
  56. David English (street)
  57. Laura C. Williams (wildlife)
  58. Victor Lacken (HDR)
  59. Patricia Gil Mayoral (landscape B&W)
  60. Kalle Björklid (music)

Bonus: For more great photography insights to other great talent follow…

  1. Miki Johnson
  2. Andy Adams

Lastly you can fine me Jim Goldstein on Google+ as well as Darren Rowse of course.

This is but the tip of the iceberg there were numerous other photographers worthy of note, but they’ve not yet added many photos to their albums. Stay tuned there will no doubt be more photographers to recommend as Google+ opens to more people in the coming weeks.

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Jim Goldstein
Jim Goldstein

is a San Francisco based professional photographer. An author as well as a photographer Jim has been published in numerous publications including Outdoor Photographer, Digital Photo Pro, Popular Photography and has self-published a PDF eBook Photographing the 4th Dimension – Time covering numerous slow shutter techniques. His latest work and writing can be found on his JMG-Galleries blog and on 500px

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