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The World’s Best Photography Training Bundle Is Here

Get the world's best photography training bundle

Do you ever wish that you could dramatically improve your photos without spending thousands of dollars on new gear, in-person workshops, paid presets, and online classes?

It sounds unrealistic, and it is…most of the time.

But each year, the folks over at 5DayDeal partner with expert photographers to create the best photography training product on the planet:

The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle.

5DayDeal photography bundle 2023

It offers access to dozens of lessons taught by world-renowned photographers and retouchers, including Scott Kelby, Nigel Danson, Serge Ramelli, Ryan Dyar, Mark Denney, and Ian Plant. For the beginner, the hobbyist, or even the up-and-coming professional, it’s the fastest and most effective way to master sought-after photographic skills, from travel, landscape, and portrait photography to advanced Photoshop editing and professional lighting techniques. It’s also extremely cheap; the main bundle would normally cost over $2000 but can be purchased for $98, and even the most expensive upgrade will set you back just $166 (versus a normal $5500+).

The catch? 

The deal only lasts for five days. And once those five days are up, the deal disappears forever.

In other words: If you want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, you can’t wait; you have to act fast

What does the 5DayDeal Photography Bundle contain?

5DayDeal photography bundle 2023

The Photography Bundle combines courses, e-books, and post-processing tools (such as brushes and overlays) to offer an unparalleled educational experience for photographers.

Much of the Bundle consists of post-processing training, covering:

  • Photoshop editing and compositing
  • Lightroom editing
  • Luminar editing
  • Fine-art editing
  • Black and white processing
  • Lots more!

Beginners will love Scott Kelby’s How to Organize & Back Up Your Travel Images video course, which explains how to structure a foolproof image management workflow using Lightroom. Another highlight is Casey McCallister’s From Start to Finish – My Lightroom Workflow; it’s the perfect crash course for anyone looking to delve into Lightroom editing.

5DayDeal photography bundle 2023

And if you’re in need of more advanced post-processing education, don’t worry. The incredible Dark Processing and Mastering the Mood course will teach you everything you need to know about creating rich, cinematic edits, while tutorials such as Milky Way Photography Editing Basics and How to Dodge & Burn Your Photos in Lightroom will turn you into a pro-level landscape post-processor.

Of course, the 5DayDeal Photography Bundle also features plenty of courses on photographic technique, which explore topics such as:

  • Landscape photography
  • Portrait headshots
  • Studio lighting
  • Street photography
  • Travel photography
  • Smartphone photography

Looking to become a flash photography expert? Then you’ll love the Bundle’s Speedlight Magic, which is taught by the amazing Frank Doorhof and is practically guaranteed to turn you into a lighting master.

5DayDeal photography bundle 2023

Want to take your forest photography to the next level? Mads Peter Iversen’s Mastering Forest Photography course features outstanding tutorials covering equipment, lighting, editing, and more.

5DayDeal photography bundle 2023

The 5DayDeal package includes more general educational material, too, such as Cole’s Classrom’s The Photo Fundamentals Guidebook Bundle (which will “help you take tack sharp photos & edit your photos to perfection”) and Alex Kilbee’s Learning to See (which explains “the hidden language of photography” so you can “unlock your creative talents”).

5DayDeal photography bundle 2023

Really, if you want to learn a specific aspect of photography, the Bundle probably covers it, but you can always check out all the individual products on the 5DayDeal website.

And remember: Each and every bundled item is created by a world-class photographer, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

How much does the Bundle cost?

The 5DayDeal Photography Bundle is designed to offer training products and other items at ridiculously discounted rates. 

The Main Bundle – which includes 260+ training videos and 520+ LUTs and tools – would cost over $2000 sold separately. Yet during the 5DayDeal sale, you can grab it for just $98.

The Bundle also comes with a handful of upgrade tiers. The Pro Bundle, for instance, adds an additional 70+ training videos as well as over a hundred extra LUTs and tools. While it would normally retail for $3375, it’s currently available for $137.

And the Charity Bundle, which adds 185+ extra training videos, retails at $5525 but is discounted to $166.

5DayDeal photography bundle 2023

Which Bundle tier should you buy? They’re all pretty great, but if you’re looking for specific course topics, check out the detailed list of products included in each tier. (You can view them here.)

When does the deal end?

5DayDeal photography bundle 2023

As the name suggests, the 5DayDeal bundle only lasts five days. This year, it runs from the 12th of October (12 PM PT) to the 17th of October (12 PM PT).

After noon on October 17th, the deal will disappear completely and will never be available again. (It sounds dramatic, but it’s true!) 

So if you don’t want to miss out, head on over to the 5DayDeal website. And make sure you purchase the Photography Bundle before 12 PM on the 17th!

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