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5 Ways to Shoot Architecture More Creatively


Architecture photography is an enjoyable genre of photography that can be photographed almost anywhere. With the expansion of the built environment globally, opportunities for photographing urban scenes have increased significantly. This makes architecture photography an attractive proposition. Buildings can make very rewarding photography subjects, especially as they are generally designed to be attractive to the eye. As buildings are a permanent part of our urban landscapes, you have as much time as you like to photograph the architecture. So, it is just a case of finding different ways to shoot architecture more creatively.

Read on to discover some useful techniques to help you with your architecture photography.

1. Shoot from afar

A popular choice for shooting architecture is from directly in front of it. Once you have captured architecture from nearby, try and find another viewpoint further away.

Shooting from afar is one of the best ways to shoot architecture more creatively. If you position yourself at a distance from the building, you will be able to get more of the structure in your scene and some of the surroundings. Is the building near a waterfront? If so, capture the reflection of the building in the water or take photos of the boats going by the building.

Alternatively, you may want to capture the bustle of the crowds around the building too.

You can capture an epic angle from a distance just by walking a bit further away and changing your perspective.

ways to shoot architecture more creatively

2. Find a higher vantage point

When looking for other ways to shoot architecture more creatively, try finding a higher vantage point for an alternative point of view. Buildings can look great shot from above.

Climbing up a flight of stairs or jumping in a lift can lead to other great vantage points to photograph structures from. From up high, buildings can look fascinating where you can be innovative with your shots and do justice to the people who designed the building.

Aim to fill the frame with your chosen subject and reveal some of its details. Alternatively, capture the structure as part of the wider cityscape.

5 Ways to Shoot Architecture More Creatively

3. Go inside

Not only is architecture designed to look beautiful on the outside, but their structures can also be just as great on the inside.

There are places all over the world that have great interior structures. Places like castles, cathedrals or famous landmarks can look great on the inside. Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London in England, for example. Other structures can have attractive stairwells, whilst some will house ornate rooms with decorative features.

The lighting inside buildings can also add to the drama of a place. This can either be from lanterns placed inside a building, interior lights or external light shining through providing shadows that transform the area.

You may need to learn more about capturing ambient lighting. See an article here.

ways to shoot architecture more creatively

4. Look for interesting patterns

Another brilliant way to shoot architecture more creatively is to explore the different aspects of a building and look for interesting patterns.

Look for leading lines, geometry, structures, and shapes. Walk around and change your viewpoint to convey the various features and reveal something different.

Shooting centerpieces or components on a wall are great ways to shoot architecture more creatively. Try to find a good angle from which to present the building and show it in a unique way that is not the same as the familiar-looking, regularly-captured shots.

5 Ways to Shoot Architecture More Creatively

5. Shoot the old and new

Whether you like to capture the latest structural designs or traditional buildings, both modern and ancient architecture can be beautiful.

To create an interesting image of a modern masterpiece or an ancient structure, you will need to interpret the building pleasingly.

You can achieve this with a good composition that draws on your own creative vision. Look up and capture its expanse, for example, to photograph the building uniquely.

Alternatively, look out for appealing surfaces and take a photo of something unusual. Original structures can be more rustic-looking, whilst newer buildings provide more modern and decorative aspects of architecture.

ways to shoot architecture more creatively

Photographing old and new architecture on bright sunny days is one of the best ways to shoot architecture more creatively. The play of light can be great for photographing strong shadows and deep contrasts.

The intensified shapes that result from the contrasting light are ideal for showing up form, bringing out texture and giving strong color. Sunlight can, therefore, enliven an image and make it more impressive.


In summary, architecture photography is becoming a popular genre of photography especially with the expansion of urban developments.

Some of the best ways to shoot architecture more creatively include photographing from afar, shooting inside as well as outside and capturing interesting patterns such as unusual geometry and shapes.

Finally, shoot old and new structures in an interesting way with your unique vision.

Do you have any further suggestions to shoot architecture more creatively? Share your comments and pictures with us below.

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