Facebook Pixel 5 Adorable Pet Photos [and How to Make your Shots even Cuter]

5 Adorable Pet Photos [and How to Make your Shots even Cuter]

A guest post by by Erin McNulty author of Snapn Paws.

Want to get photos of your pet that will make everyone say “aaawwww”? Here are five of my top tips for capturing cuteness.

1. Get down on their level

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One of the easiest and most often overlooked techniques is to be on the same level as your pet! By being at eye level with them, you will create a connection which translates into a more intimate, engaging photo.

2. Use Props

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Does your pet have a favourite basket, bed, or toy? If so, incorporate these into your photos. Make sure whatever prop you are using is one that your pet is happy and comfortable around, and don’t force any behaviour that makes them stressed or wary – this will show through in the photos

3. Engage in Play

Adorable pet photos  3

A lot of pets have a sixth sense for when a camera is being pulled out, and will immediately turn their back or engage in a vigorous grooming session to avoid it. By engaging them with a fun toy, you will distract them from the camera as well as capturing some great natural expressions.

4. Get up Close and Personal

Adorable pet photos  4

Want to create a more interesting shot of your pet? Focus in on the little things that make them so cute – whether it be their big puppy dog eyes, their magnificent whiskers, or their tiny little paws.

5. Let them be Themselves – and be Patient!

Adorable pet photos  5

Your best shots will always come when you observe and capture their behaviour, rather than forcing them into unnatural poses. It may take ten minutes or an hour to get that perfect shot, so be patient and calm – pets pick up on your mood!

Want to learn more about Photographing Pets? Check out Erin’s brand new eBook – Snapn Paws over at our sister site SnapnGuides.

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