$400 Camera VS $4,000 Camera - Can a Professional Photographer Spot the Difference?

$400 Camera VS $4,000 Camera – Can a Professional Photographer Spot the Difference?


In this video, Peter McKinnon asks the question “Can a professional photographer tell the difference between a $400 camera and a $4,000 one just by looking at the pictures?”

Watch the video, and take a look at the images shot with the Canon Rebel and the Canon EOS R. Can you tell which is which?

Can you really take professional photos with an entry level camera? Can you be a professional photographer on a budget or do you need to spend thousands of dollars on professional gear?

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What cameras do you use for your photography work? Are you achieving great photos with less expensive gear? Share with us in the comments below.


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Caz Nowaczyk lives in Wollongong, Australia and has worked as a photographer, filmmaker, and designer in her business, Exposure Arts and Media, for 15 years. Her background extends to Digital Content Management for radio, and Editorial Design for the news industry. In her spare time, she composes music as Dreamgirl and the Motorist. Since the age of 12, she knew she would be a photographer - the other stuff came as a surprise!

  • Patti Bright

    get lost

  • rarchamb

    Good and informative video… I am doing similar tests with my 3 digital and 1 film bodies, (3000T – original digital Rebel from 2001 or up to 2003, 50D from 2008 and 7DMKII from 2016, and film EOS Elan II – the only full frame unit on hand). The difference from what you’ve done is that I’m trying my entire array of lenses on each camera (obviously, some of my “kit” lenses won’t fit on the Elan II) which range from 18-55 (Kit), 18-135 (Kit), 50mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, 55-250mm IS (all from Canon), 24-80mm (Macro), 105mm 2.8 Macro, and finally 150-600mm (C) all from Sigma. Presently I am still doing the micro adjustments for each lens on the compatible bodies, but then I will set up scenes to shoot with each lens (using a tripod to try to minimize differences). Once film is developed and digital files obtained, I will be posting the photos (without processing) to see (or show) the differences between bodies, processors, and sensors. I would be curious to have your input as to what kind of “scene” I should set up (I will be using “balanced” artificial lighting). I was thinking of using trinkets (for the shorter lenses) like Hot Wheels and such… your thoughts??

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